Convolvulus Scammonia



Name in different languages:

Hindi                 -       Sakmoniya

Bengali             -       Sakmoniya

Sindhi               -       Sakmoniya

Punjabi             -       Sakmoniya

Persian             -       Sakmoniya, Mahmuda

Latin                -       Convolvulus Scammonia


Convolvulus scammonia is hot natured and dry. Using it internally causes loose motions. But it happens when it reaches into the intestines and mingles with bile. Excess quantity of this medicine generates agitation in the intestines and stomach. Mixing it with other purgative medicines (which create loose motions) increases their power. Taking convolvulus scammonia destroys worms of the stomach and intestines. It makes the stomach strong and causes loose motions. Specially, its use increases phlegm and bile. Its use can be the cause of abortion.