Contry Borage



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Name in different languages:

English       :        Contry Borage

Hindi           :        Patta, Ajamayan, Pattharachoor, Pashanbhed, Pathanabeg, Amaroda

Sanskrit      :        Parnayavani, Pashanabhedi, Ashmantak

Marathi       :        Paan-ova

Gujarati      :        Ovapan

Bengali       :        Paterchoor, Paatharchoor, Aaamalakuchi

Latin           :        Coleus Aromaticus Benth


Contry Borage (Pashanabheda No-2) is dry, spicy, bitter, and pungent and hot natured and its shape is small. It is stimulating and removes gas, phlegm, the swelling of abdomen, giddiness, unconscious, offensive smell of phlegm, anorexia, pain, indigestion and stomachache. It cures diarrhea, dysentery, cholera and stops loose motions.