Contradiction of anxiety



       Tension, fear and perturbation all three are active. There are psychological causes of perturbation as tension, fear, no concentration and fear whereas somatic causes are gastric problems, trembling, shock and sweating. Digestion related problems are included in other multi system problems. In such condition, physical tiredness and excessive sleep are the common faults.

Treatment of contradiction of anxiety of yoga:

Shatkirya (hatyoga kirya)

Do the practice of kunjal and jalneti kirya.

Practice of yogic kirya for making the whole body healthy:


Do the practice of shasaank asana, sarvanga asana, matasya asana, padma asana, bhujanga asana, shalbha asana.


Do the practice of anulom-vilom and ujjayi pranayama.

Time of practice

Do the practice of it for 50 minutes.

Preksha (concentration in the mind)

Concentrate on the whole body by thinking white color in the mind.

Anupreksha (thought of the mind)

Think in the mind that power and self confidence is increasing in me. My perturbation is disappearing and I am feeling peace and happiness slowly.  


Take always simple meal in such kind of condition.