Continuous Bath



        A tub is needed in this bath and the length of the tub should be longer than height of the patient. The depth of the tub should be as much so that the whole body of the patient may sink in the water. 

Bath technique-

        First, fill fresh water in the tub for bath and thereafter lie down properly in the tub in nude condition. Now, remain in this position in the tub at least two hours. There is no need to do other activities so this bath can be taken for many hours. This bath can be taken for about ten hours. If the patient has been suffering from any serious disease, bath is taken for long time but if the patient body is weak, this bath can be taken for some time.

Benefits by this bath-

        The patient, who has been suffering from brain related disorders, insomnia and insanity, chronic diseases, etc. should take this bath for a long time to get benefits. This bath is also in bringing out the urine clearly.