Constipation of a pregnant woman



        Generally, constipation is the main cause of the origin of all the diseases. Appearance of constipation during pregnancy is very troublesome for pregnant women. All the women, who pass idle life, become the victim of this disease during pregnancy. Wrong eating habits may be the cause of this disease. Sometimes, a woman becomes the victim of constipation due to fear.

Treatment of pregnant woman’s constipation by naturopathy:

  • The pregnant woman should drink one or two glass of water on stale mouth in the morning and evening regularly.
  • The pregnant woman should keep fast for two days by using fruits.
  • The pregnant woman should walk on an open place.
  • The woman should take hipbath (Kati-Snan). Thereafter, she should adopt enema. Now, the treatment should be started according to naturopathy. Thus, the disease is cured within some days.