Structure/Configuration of the magnet

Structure/configuration of the magnet


few black stones had been discovered from the earth in the place named magnesia in the miner province of Europe. These stones have been called by the name of its origin place magnesia as ‘Magnet’. Magnet is an English word which is known as chumbat in Hindi. This magnet is also known as loadstone or natural magnet............>>Read More

  Acupuncture points

Acupuncture treatment is a method to provide the flow of vital strength to different body organs. Any disease occurs due to lack of vital strength inside the body. Hence, through this treatment, pointed needles are pricked on ...........>>Read More

 Use of magnets in treatment  

As like diseases are treated by the use of medicines in other treatment systems as the magnet is used to treat diseases in magneto therapy. The magnet is considered as a very powerful means (weapon) for curing diseases. The magnet increases not only knowledge, wisdom and prudence, but brings again lost smile ...........>>Read More