The medicine Condurango enhances the power of digestion system and works well on those glands from which digestive juice excretes and digests meat and pulse. This medicine ends the pain which occurred due to stomach cancer. It recovers the lost power of the patient because of tuberculosis of the backbone.

Use of the medicine Condurango on the base of different symptoms:
Symptoms of stomach:

The medicine Condurango provides a lot of relief if the patient suffers from these symptoms as chronic burning sensation in the mucous membrane of the stomach, pain and burning sensation caused by the wounds in the stomach, pain in the pharynx due to contraction, vomiting just after having food and other symptoms of stomach diseases.

Symptoms of skin:

If the symptoms are as cracking of the skin near about the anus, cancer in the anus or lips, etc., the use of the medicine Condurango provides a lot of relief.


The medicine Condurango can be compared with the medicines as Osterium, Conium, Hydre and Arsenicum Albam.


0.32 grams Mother Tincture or bark of the Condurango with water or 30th potencies in tumors