Complication of Early Pregnancy or Problems in the Initial Stage of Pregnancy



Pregnancy articles:


     During pregnancy, women have to face different types of problems, but they get their solution by itself. Woman should talk to her doctor periodically and should remain careful about something like- unknown medicines should not be taken, she should take complete rest, balanced diet should be taken, she should not do hard work. By being careful on these small matters, a pregnant gets benefits in pregnancy period.              

Bleeding in pregnancy-

        In pregnancy period, stimulating fluid produces in the female body by itself. This fluid is known as progesterone. As soon as hormones start becoming less in the body, bleeding starts from her vagina. Blood always comes during menstruations. It can continue till 3-4 months. Red blood comes without pain during menstruations. Sometimes, women do not able to describe such symptoms (incident), but it can be found (diagnosed) in ultrasound. Few women believe that this blood comes out from foetus body, but it is absolutely wrong, because blood comes out from the uterus. If bleeding stopped, the uterus does not get any harm, but yet she should talk to her doctor.        

Wounds in the labia and vagina-

      Sometimes small wounds are appeared in the vagina from which, a type of fluid keeps on secreting in white and yellow appearance and sometimes blood also starts coming out with this fluid. If women remain careless about the cleanliness of their genitals, germs are grown in these wounds. Due to these germs, even small diseases are converted in to serious diseases. Due to it, diseases like- complication of wounds, coming yellow thick fluid from the vagina, bleeding, etc. are occurred and fever also persists in them. During pregnancy, any medicine should not taken additionally and if necessary, talk to her doctor before using medicines. 


        In pregnancy period, bleeding before 24 weeks is the sign of miscarriage and it can happen anytime and anywhere. In this condition, sometimes blood comes out in little volume and sometimes it can start coming out profusely. In this case, you should consult a doctor immediately to overcome.

          If bleeding starts from the vagina without pain before 24 weeks during pregnancy, it is called threaten miscarriage while when a pregnant feels pain, contraction in the uterus, opening uterus mouth, etc., miscarriage is taken place necessarily. When foetus is matured, it is called complete miscarriage. If few parts of foetus remained in the uterus, this stage is called incomplete miscarriage. If baby is died in the uterus, it is known as missed miscarriage. If miscarriage took place three or more times, it is called frequent miscarriage.    

Due to any type of miscarriage, it can be dangerous for the pregnant by the following ways-

  • Profuse bleeding from the uterus after miscarriage.
  • Any type of disease occurring after miscarriage. By leaving any type of membrane in case of miscarriage, bleeding keeps on taking place continuously that causes anemia and weakness in her body. Bleeding is stopped due to contraction. Remaining blood is removed out from the body by operation (surgery). It should be done in a hospital immediately otherwise additional bleeding can take place.
  • In case of miscarriage, if a pregnant feels pain in her lower abdomen, fever, weakness, etc., she must take medicines otherwise her disease can become serious.

Trapping the baby in tubes-

        After sexual intercourse, when ovum (female) fertilizes with sperm (male), it is changed in to zygote within a week and is attached with the internal wall of uterus, which is known as indomatrium. When this zygote is trapped in tubes but not in indomatrium, this condition is called actopic pregnancy. This type of complication happened less in women and baby does not able to grow in this stage, because it (baby) does not able to get nourishment to grow. In the beginning, she feels mild pain that takes place in one side. As well as pregnancy period passes, this type of pain goes on increasing and a time also comes when she does not able to tolerate this pain. Bleeding starts from one side of tubes in between 6 to 12 weeks or tubes are exploded and she starts feeling unconsciousness. It provides relief in violent pain and blood starts blowing inside the stomach. It is an emergency stage. In few cases, bleeding also takes place. In this stage, she can to be carried to a hospital for operation. Doctors remove that tubes during operation or sometimes, they repair (protect) that tubes, because if these tubes are protected by doctors, later these tubes can be made by surgery. This surgery depends on the location of tubes (in which condition, tubes present).

Growing of the foetus in tubes-

        In the beginning, it is also difficult to find out that where the womb is located, because patient’s condition is normal. After conceiving in tube once, women keep on fearing about conceiving again in the tube and it can be happed too in 10% women. In this case, she should talk to her doctor as soon as she conceives. The location of foetus can be diagnosed by ultrasound.