Complete sexual satisfaction



Each woman has several sensitive sex organs in her body. If these sensitive organs are touched, pressed or fondled by the man, sexual urge of a woman arouses. Such organs are as breast, thighs, clitoris and abdominal area. If these organs of a woman are touched or kissed by a man properly and lovingly, she becomes too much sexually excited. Both husband and wife get excessive sexual pleasure if the husband does so. The husband can judge by seeing the bodily posture and expressions of woman whether she is ready for sexual intercourse or not.  

A woman will not get the real joy of sexual intercourse if sexual relation is made without arousing her. She shows no activity during sexual intercourse except lying on the bed like a statue. In this situation, neither husband nor wife will get the real joy of sex. It may be that the wife starts to live in depression. Here it means to say that the wife does not want the present of her husband. She can also think that her husband has no sexual knowledge.   

Sexual urge of women keep on too much or too less during menstruation. A woman is sexually excited before and after two or three days from menstruation. If sexual relation is made during this period with a woman, she gives full assistance of her husband while making sexual intercourse. Therefore, a husband should pay more attention on his wife two or three days after or before of menstruation. If the husband finds that his wife wants to make sexual relation, he should made sexual relation with his wife at this period. Sexual urge of wife should be fulfilled necessarily by her husband.

Each man knows properly that a woman does not show her sexual urge before man even in excessive sexual excitement. Rational men consider this sexual urge of women but not ordinary. A woman wants to touch the body of a man if she is sexually excited and she tries to touch the different organs of the man’s body. She wants to embrace of her husband. If a husband observes such kinds of symptoms, he should satisfy his wife at this moment of sexual excitement. A woman gets real sexual pleasure if sexual relation is made at this time with her.

A man can get knowledge about the sensitive sex organs of woman by a woman but for it, a husband will have to win the heart of his wife. If the husband ends the hesitation and shyness of his wife, he will get such kind of knowledge to his wife easily. She will tell about her body reaction, sexual urge and sensations to her husband without hesitation. In this way, both husband and wife will get great sexual pleasure.

Many men invlove  in coition against the wish of their wives. The result of it is that they ejaculate without satisfying their wives. In this situation, a woman becomes disturbed and she starts to hate her husband after sometime. This is very critical condition for both husband and wife.

If the husband wants to make sexual relation with his wife, it is not necessary that his wife is ready for sexual intercourse. A man should know the wish of his wife for sexual intercourse. If the wife does not become sexually excited due to embracing, kissing or touching, the husband should not establish sexual relation with her forcibly. Such kind of sexual relation is called rape.

A husband ejaculates soon during sexual intercourse because he has got excited already whereas his wife is not aroused. This is the reason that the husband ejaculates soon. Therefore, the husband should have patience and he should try to arouse his wife by the ways mentioned above. If the wife is fully aroused, the husband should make sexual relation with her. In this situation, both husband and wife will ejaculate at one moment with equal real sexual pleasure. 

Mostly women pay lots of attention towards cleanliness. Such women do not like her dirty husband and their activities as kissing, pressing, touching, embracing and love talking. By ignoring these things if the husband makes sexual relation with his wife forcibly, he hurt the heart of his wife by doing so.  Wives of such kinds of men present their body before husbands but they do not support of their husband during sexual intercourse. Therefore, a husband should pay lots of attention on his cleanliness. The wife attracts towards her husband if husband is in neat and clean condition. Jolly nature of a husband, way of lovemaking and open heartedness are the other aspects which are loved by women.