Complete bath



        In this bath, whole body is cleaned with water completely, so it is called complete bath. The water is poured on the chest in the beginning and thereafter on the back in this bath.

Technique complete bath-

        For this bath, wash face, head, abdomen and body joints of the patient with cold water first. Thereafter, immerse a towel in water and tie on the head after squeezing. Now bring the patient in bath room and sit him on the table. Now pour a lota water on the chest first and then on the back of the patient. Thus, keeps on pouring water first on the chest and then on the back. This process should be done for about 5-7 minutes. After that, stop the bath and mop the patient’s body with a dry towel after bath. Massage the body with the help of palms to produce light warmth.

        After that, give woolen clothes to the patient for wearing. If the patient is the victim of weakness, wrap blanket on the patient’s body and say to sleep. If any person feels problem while doing the activity of complete bath, he can also take bath with lukewarm water instead of complete bath. But, after taking bath with lukewarm water, mix cold water in the warm water in some quantity slowly. Thereafter, bath of cold water should be given to the patient. The time of this bath should be increased slowly. After giving bath for 3-4 minutes to the patient in fever, bath time should be increased to 10-12 minutes.

Benefits by complete bath-

        The chest and back of the patient become strong by this bath and heart. In addition to, lungs become strong too.

Complete doob bathe-

        A tub is needed for this bath. The length of the tub should be equal to the height of the patient so that he may lie down in it easily.

Technique of complete sinking bath-

        For this bath, fill fresh water in bathtub first. Thereafter, wash patient’s head with cold water and lie down in the tub on the back. While lying down in water, keep one thing in the brain head should remain out of water. For it, put pillow or other thing under the head so that head can be kept on that place easily. Keep the whole body in water. After that, wash all the parts of his body by rubbing. This bath should be taken for 5-10 minutes. Now bring out to the patient from the water and dry the water by rubbing the body with the help of dry towel. Thereafter, the patient should do some exercise to make the body warm. If someone takes this bath in the morning, he gets much benefits. There is an augmentation in the vitality power by this bath.