Comocladia dentata




The medicine Comocladia Dentata is a beneficial medicine in all kinds of skin problems or eye diseases. Besides these, it is beneficial also for the treatment as pain in the belowside of the waist and and knee.

Use of the medicine comocladia dentate on the basis of different symptoms:

Symptoms of eye:

The medicine Comocladia Dentata provides a lot of relief if the patient suffers from these symptoms as weak eyesight, low eyesight of the left side eye, sensation of big eyes and the patient feels as if eyes are coming outside along with neural pain in the eyelids and this problem increases by sitting near by fire. Its use provides a lot of relief.

Symptoms of breast:

If a lady suffers from these symptoms as puffing of the left side tumor of the breast and pain in the left side chest while coughing which reaches to the shoulder’s joint, etc., she should take the medicine comocladia dentate to get relief. Its use provides relief.

Symptoms of skin:

If the symptoms are as small red pimples on the skin which creates itching, reddening of the whole skin, leprosy, appearance of red scratches on the skin, eczema like pimples, blisters and other symptoms of skin diseases, the patient should take the medicine Omocladia Dentate to get relief.


The disease aggravates by touching, by heat, by taking rest and at night.



The disease alleviates in the open air, by itching and by walking.


The medicine comocladia dentate can be compared with the medicines as Anacardium orientale, Euphorbia and Rhus.


1st to 30th potencies of the medicine Comocladia Dentata provide a lot of relief to the patient on the base of symptoms of disease.