Common Cress



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Colour: Common cress is brown.

Taste: It is bitter.

Structure: It is a famous seed. Its plant is like mustard plant and flower is blue.  

Nature: Common cress is hot in nature.

Precaution: Taking over quantity of common cress is harmful for hot natured persons.

Dosage: 6 grams common cress should be used.

Quality: Common cress prevents loose motion and eliminates gas and phlegm out. It is nutritive and powerful. It increases breast milk and ends colic pain. Grind common cress with water and take it as well as coat it on the body. Using this process is useful to end blood disorders. Take common cress with milk; it cures the skin and eye diseases, blood and ends sperm disorders and vatta disorders.

For reading tips click below links      Common cress (chandrsur*) is useful in different diseases:
1.     Gums bleeding:

Gums bleeding:

    Taking common cress leaves like lettuce makes gums strong and stops gums bleeding.
    2.     Hiccup:


      • Take about 1-3 grams powder of common cress seed or 14 to 28 milliliter decoction of common cress with 4-6 grams honey twice a day; it prevents hiccup.
      • Taking mixture of common cress powder is useful to prevent hiccup caused by stomach diseases.
      3.     Loose motions:

      Loose motions:

        Taking about 10 grams powder of seeds of common cress with sugar candy twice a day is useful to prevent loose motions.
        4.      Lumbago (waist pain):

        Lumbago (waist pain):

          • Taking 10 grams common cress mixing with milk twice a day is useful to get relief in lumbago.
          • Grind common cress seeds with lemon juice and apply it on the affected part. It is useful to end waist pain.
          5.     Addison:


            Take 5-10 grams common cress twice a day regularly; it cures kidney TB and other glands diseases. Body weakness also ends by its use.
            6.     Dwarfishness:


              Take the powder of common cress seeds after mixing with milk twice a day regularly; it increases the height of the body.