Common cold



Any person can be the victim of this disease. It is a contagious disease which attacks again and again.


A person can be the victim of common cold because of following reasons:

1. A person can be the victim of this disease if he meets to the patient or goes near him.

2. If the patient of this disease coughs and sneezes, there is a big doubt of the attack of this disease through droplet infection. In this way, germs transfer from the victim to another healthy person.

3. If the patient touches to the eyes and nose of a healthy person.

4. Weather changing can be the cause of this disease.

Possibility of infection:

1. There is a big possibility of this disease to those children who go to the school or play.

2. A person can be the victim of this disease in these conditions if he lives in an open atmosphere and wanders in cold weather.  Great exhaustion and insomnia can be the other causes of this disease.

3. There is a big possibility of this disease if a person’s prophylactic power has been reduced due to any reason.


When this disease attacks, the patient suffers from different types of symptoms as origin of sneezing which keep on creating inflammation in the nose; sometime patient’s nose chokes and water flows from it, light fever, irritation in the throat, pain in the throat, sometimes dry coughs and yellow colour phlegm flows from the nose. The patient suffers from anorexia, pain in the muscles and many other different types of symptoms also appear.

What should be done or what not in the condition of cold:

1. The patient should not use towel, clothes, purse, etc.

2. Avoid to the patients of this disease.

3. Don’t use raw fruit and vegetables. Use ginger and onion. Their use helps for the treatment of common cold.

4. Don’t use excessive cold things.

5. Don’t use cheese, eggs and sugar.

6. The patient should not use excessive spicy food.

7. Liquid foodstuffs should not be used in excessive quantity.

8. Nutritive meal should be taken for enhancing prophylactic power of the body.

9. If a person suffers from cold, he should take chicken, soup. Their use provides a lot of relief to the patient.

10. Excessive use of lemon and vitamin C also provides relief.

11. Remain far from gloominess.

12. Steam should be taken if patient’s nose is choked. Blood circulation becomes normal by doing this.

13. The patient should do exercises, yoga and mediation.

14. If a child suffers from such symptoms as difficulty in breathing, infection in the throat, pain in the throat and fever, consult to a doctor soon.