The large intestine is found from caecum to rectum. When burning sensation takes place in this large intestine, it is known as colitis. There are many forms of this disease like- amoebic colitis or amoebic dysentery. It occurs due to a type of parasite called ant-amoeba histolytica. A common condition of colitis is also found named sravan colitis. In this disease, wounds are appeared inside the large intestine at distances. Due to these wounds, pus and blood start leaking from it that come out with faecal materials through anus. It is a chronic disease that often goes on coming out in liquid forms. Dysentery and blood diarrhea are the other symptoms of this disease.            


        Mucus colitis is a chronic disorder of the large intestine in which mucus comes in stools (faecal materials); constipation persists or loose motion starts. In the internal part of the large intestine, cramp remains active resulting this disease is occurred in a person. Above shaded lines come in the symptom tag. 

Treatment of colitis through magneto therapy-

        The patient suffering from this disease should use powerful magnet on the soles in the morning. After using the magnet, magnet should be also used on the acupuncture points- S.T. 21 and S.T. 37. The north pole of the magnet should be used on the acupuncture point S.T. 21 and the south pole of the magnet should be used on the acupuncture point S.T. 37. the patient should also take magnetized water thrice a day.

        When this disease does not come under control through other treatment system, treating it through magneto therapy is very beneficial and it is cured soon through this treatment.        


        To prevent this disease to be aggravated, nutritive foods should be taken regularly. The patient should not take pickles and too spicy food stuffs. Always normal and nutritive diet should be taken so that the disease cured soon. The patient should take the pulp (flesh) of ripe bael (wood apple). It cures the disease soon. Seed of the fleawort is also very useful in this disease. The patient should keep healthy thoughts about life and take proper rest. He/she should remain careful especially about his/her health.