Colic Pain


Introduction :

        There is a round portion above the navel where air boll stops or it changes into bulge like burl in the stomach. In this way the gas gathers in the stomach then it is called colic pain. This disease is mostly generated by gastric, bile, phlegm, tridosh (cough, bile and gas) and blood disorder. There are five kinds of colic pain and it occurs on any different parts of the body as: right arm-pit, left arm-pit, heart, navel and abdomen and bladder.

Name in different languages:

English     -       localized abdominal tumor or swelling, colic pain

Hindi         -       vayugola

Arabic        -       gulm, temuna

Bengali      -       gulm

Gujarati     -       gorothaban

Kannada     -       hotte gaide

Malyalam   -       gulmam

Marathi      -       gola

Oriya         -       petarogota uthiba

Panjabi      -       gumakkatit


        This disease is caused by many reasons as: suppression of urine and stool, hurt, taking heavy food, taking dried food, taking polluted food, sadness, etc.   


        When the person who has been suffering from colic pain, any symptoms appear in the patient as: retention of stool, constipation, gastric, drying the mouth, does not feel like to take food, lack of appetite, stomachache, coming excessive sour belching, stool is not clear, flatulence, intestine disorder and completion of the body blackens.  

This disease generates many symptoms in women as: abortion, gathering bloody gas in the condition of disease and burning sensation and pain occur in the throat.

Diet and abstinence:

        Taking she goat’s milk, cow’s milk, small radish, white goose foot, horse radish, garlic, telugo potato, sespadula, brinjal, bitter-gourd, banana’s fruit, white pumpkin, chestnut (kaseru), dry grape, coconut, lemon (bijora), falase, date, pomegranate, Indian Gooseberry, ripped papaya, raw coconut water, one year old rice, red rice, etc. is useful for the patient who has been suffering from colic pain. Taking pudding, puri, bread and milk at night is also beneficial for the patient.  

        Do not take corn that generates gastric, substance that is opposite of effect, dry meat, dry green vegetables, fish, etc. Using the hubble-bubble, sex, night vigil, doing excessive hard work, taking potato, radish and sweet fruit is harmful for the patient.  Suppressing urine is excessive harmful because the reason mostly generates colic pain. 

For reading tips click below links      Colic pain is cured by following medicines:
1.     Myrabalan chebulie:

Myrabalan chebulie:

    Mix jaggery in the powder of myrabalan chebulie and take it with milk to remove colic pain that is causing by bile.
    2.     Big myrabalan chebulie:

    Big myrabalan chebulie:

      Mix big myrabalan chebulie powder and castor oil in cow’s milk and take, it removes colic pain.
      3. Barilla:


        • Grind barilla, impure carbonate of potash and cldera bush to make the powder. After that, mix castor oil in it and then take, it removes colic pain.
          • Mix jaggery in barilla juice and take, it removes stomachache that is causing by colic pain.
        4. Sathi:


          Grind the roots of sathi and black pepper in ghee and take; it removes stomachache that is causing by colic pain.
          5. Shulgranthi:

          Shulgranthi (Thorns of acacia burl have been collected on its tree):

            Put it in a flunkey and smoke; it removes colic pain.
            6. Prickly Chalf flower:

            Prickly Chalf flower:

              Grind the roots of prickly chalf flower and black pepper and take it with ghee to get relief in colic pain and stomachache.
              7. Dry ginger:

              Dry ginger:

                Grind 40 dry ginger, 160 grams white sesame and 80 grams old jaggery to make the fine powder. After that, take 6 to 10 grams this powder and then take milk, it removes constipation, colic pain and stomachache.
                8. Liquorices:


                  Grind liquorices, sandal and dry grape to make the fine powder and take this powder, it removes colic pain that is causing by bile.
                  9. Dry grape:

                  Dry grape:

                    Take dry grape and one to two spoon of myrabalan chebulie juice after mixing jaggery in it to remove colic pain that is causing by bile.
                    10. Bishops weed seed:

                    Bishops weed seed:

                      Mix the powder of bishops weed seed and a little quantity of sanchar namak in whey and take, it provides benefit in colic pain.
                      11. Asafetida:


                        Grind equal quantity of asafetida, the roots of pipal, coriander, cumin seed, sweet flag, black pepper, Ceylen lead-wort (cheeta), padh, piper chaba, dry ginger, impure carbonate of potash, barilla, myrabalan chebulie, the seeds of pomegranate, amlavet, orissa root, haoober and black cumin seed together to make the powder. After that, mix lemon (bijora nimbu) juice in it and then put it in a bottle after drying it. Taking 3 to 6 grams quantity of it with lukewarm water everyday removes colic pain, flatulence, retention of stool, the stomach diseases, the pain of arm-pit, pain is generated in the chest and the ribs by gas and phlegm.
                        12. Old jaggery:

                        Old jaggery:

                          Grind equal quantity of jaggery, turk turban moon and small pepper to make the powder. After that, take 2 to 4 grams this powder after mixing it in a decoction of sesame to end bloody colic pain.
                          13. East Indian globe tristle:

                          East Indian globe tristle:

                            Make a decoction of east Indian globe tristle and take, it ends bloody colic pain.
                            14. Sweet flag:

                            Sweet flag:

                              • Grind equal quantity of sweet flag, myrabalan chebulie, asafetida, amalavet, rock salt, bishops weed seed and impure carbonate of potash properly to make the powder. After that, take 3 to 6 grams this powder with lukewarm water, it removes colic pain and stomachache for some days.
                              • Grind 20 grams sweet flag and 30 grams myrabalan chebulie, 60 grams babreng, 40 grams dry ginger, 10 grams asafetida, 80 grams pipal, 50 grams ceylen lead-wort (cheeta) and 70 grams bishops weed seed to make the powder. After that, take 2 to 4 grams this powder with lukewarm water or wine to remove colic pain.
                              15. Mudar:


                                Grind 20 grams buds of mudar flower and 20 grams bishops weed seed and mix 50 grams sugar in it and then take one gram it in the morning and evening to remove colic pain.
                                16. Sharapunkha:


                                  Take four ml juice of sharapunkha and myrabalan chebulie powder after taking meal, it ends stomachache that is caused by colic pain. It also removes retention of stool.
                                  17. Lemon:


                                    Mix 6 grams lemon juice half glass of lukewarm water and take, it removes colic pain.
                                    18. Fever nut:

                                    Fever nut:

                                      • Boil leaves of fever nut in rice water and take; it removes colic pain and stomachache, gastric and also makes the body strong.
                                      • Grind equal quantity of seeds of fever nut, black salt, dry ginger and asafetida to make the powder. After that, take half to one gram this powder with lukewarm water to remove colic pain that is caused by gas.
                                      • If you have suffering from waist pain that is caused by colic pain, grind the kernels of Indian beech’s seeds and ¼ gram pure neelathotha together and mix mustard oil in it. After that, make 12 tablets of it. Taking one tablet daily ends stomachache that is caused by colic pain.
                                      • Fry 10 to 20 grams soft and tender leaves of Indian beech in sesame oil and take, it removes colic pain.
                                      19. Castor:


                                        Mix 2 spoon of castor oil in lukewarm milk and take, it removes colic pain.
                                        20. Yam:


                                          Extract juice of leaves of yam with stalk and mix it in ghee and then take it thrice a day to remove colic pain.
                                          21. Brinjal:


                                            • If you have been suffering form gastric and flatulence after drinking water, take cooked vegetables of brinjal to cure the diseases of the stomach, liver and enlargement of spleen.
                                            • If sweat is coming from your hands and the soles of the legs, apply juice of brinjal on these parts provides benefit.
                                            22. Trifala powder :

                                            Trifala powder :

                                              Mix 3 to 5 grams powder of triphala in sugar and take, it provides benefit in colic pain.