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When there is lack of heat in the body and the temperature gets reduced, a person starts to suffer from cold along with catarrh.

For reading tips click below links     Treatment of this disease by following drugs:
1.     Sistus:


    If the patient suffers from cold feet, he should take this medicine to end this coldness.
    2.     Camphor:


      If the patient suffers from such types of symptoms as sensation of cold inside the body and on the skin; the patient does not want to cover clothes after coldness; he casts off the blanket if it is covered to him, the use of mother tincture of this medicine proves very beneficial in all these symptoms.
      3.     Agorikas:


        If the patient suffers from sensation of ice piece at lower portion of the waist, the use of Agorikas 3 provides a lot of relief.
        4.     Arsenic:


          If the patient feels as if cold water is running from up side to below side in the back, he should take Arsenic 3 at the regular break of two hour. Its use provides a lot of relief.
          5.     Haloderma:


            If the patient suffers from such types of symptoms as chilliness all over the body, coldness keeps on occurring and coming down from the behind of head to feet, sensation of tying a cold bandage around the head, sensation of cold in the head, lungs, hands and on the face and the patient thinks that he will die soon. Other symptoms are as slight cold in other organs and feeling cold waves. The medicine Heloderma 30 can be used for curing any types of these symptoms.
            6.     Sepia:


              If the patient feels coldness in any injury, he should take Sepia 30, 200 for getting relief. The medicine Veretrum Album also can be taken in these symptoms.
              7. Aconite:


                If the patient feels cold at the back, he should take Aconite 3 for getting relief. Take this medicine at the gap of every two hours.