Cold bile


Treatment of different types of diseases with the help of magnets :


        It is a type of prateurjit disease. In this disease, flat and raised spots are appeared on the skin and violent itching takes place. This type of disease occurs suddenly and disappeared too within few hours or few days.  


        This disease occurs due to increasing acid inside the body and by eating lobster and crab.

Treatment of this disease through magneto therapy-

        In this disease, a powerful magnet should be used on the palms of the patient and after 12 hours, magnet should be also used on the acupuncture point sp.10. The North Pole and south pole of the magnet should be used on right and left side of the body respectively. Along with it, magnetized water should be taken 3-4 times a day. If the patient is suffering from violent itching sensation, blue oil should be used. It is very effective.