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[ C ] Related Medicines:

Coal is very usefull for those person who suffer form mouth bleeding problemUseful in different diseases:

1.Shiny and clean teeth: Make the fine powder by grinding 50 grams coal, 20 grams toasted alum and 10 grams chloride of sodium together and filter it. Brush with this powder twice a day regularly to make the teeth clean and shiny.

2.Dropsy: This disease is cured by taking 6 grams white ash of stone’s coal twice a day regularly.

3.Mouth bleeding: If the tuberculosis patient suffers from mouth bleeding, he should eat half-gram white ash of stone’s coal (patthar koyla) with butter, cream or milk because it prevents bleeding from the mouth.

4.Wound: Apply fine powder of coal on the affected part to cure wound soon. It prevents bleeding too.