Tea, coffee and coco



          Tea, coffee and coco are three intoxicating beverages. These things contain poisonous elements named tannin and caffeine. Affecting a special portion of the brain these intoxicating things excite the activity of brain storage’s system and brain ligament by. Besides it, pulsation of nerves and breathing also become high. Fat increases in the blood by drinking coffee. If a person keeps on drinking coffee in this situation, fat existed in the blood starts to stick with the walls of blood pipes because of which blood pipes become hard and narrow. In this situation, pressure of blood starts to increase in the body slowly. The result of it is that pressure starts to increase on the heart and there is doubt of the origin of heart diseases.

         The patient should stop the use of these three things at once according to nature therapy because these things do not have nutritive elements. These things prove harmful not useful for the body. Hence, these things should not be taken by a person and he should pay attention on his health.