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Coffee is a beverage like tea but it is excusive harmful than other. Some people are considered that coffee is poison. It is used to remove the exhaustion of the brain. It helps to urinate easily. Taking coffee is harmful for the eyesIntroduction:

           Coffee is a beverage like tea but it is excessive harmful than other. Some people consider that coffee is poison. It is used to remove the exhaustion of the brain. It helps to urinate easily. Taking coffee is harmful for the eyes, digestive system and brain fibres. Its origin country is Abysinia. It comes in India by Arabian citizens. Tea and coffee are different to each other but the advantages and disadvantages of tea and coffee are similar. Generally, the qualities of tea and coffee are same. Coffee is cultivated only in South India in our country. Its gardens are found on 300-400 feet height on Nilgiri Mountain (the name of mountain). The coffee is prepared from the seeds of its plants. It is called boonddana (the name of seed). Boonddanas are toasted. It contains different type of smell. Chakory is mixed with coffee. Mostly, the people like the mixed variety of it.

        Some people are cleaned their mouth by chewing its toasted boonddanas or using it instead of betel nut after meals. The boonddanas turn into fragrant and spicy while toasting.

         Taking coffee causes warmth and energy in the body. Take coffee in the winter season and while the traveling of cold regions, it protects the body from cold and consequently brain fibers become alive. The coffee should not be taken regularly because it is hot in nature.

Exceptional: Coffee is the anti-miasmatic medicine of opium. Taking warm coffee continuously alleviates the poison of opium. The person who wants to give up the bad habit of opium should take coffee for some days regularly, because it ends excessive sweat or pain in the hand and feet.  

         Tea and coffee have a lack of nutritive elements, so it is always inessential at the place of tonic. If mix sugar in excessive quantity with tea-coffee, it is harmful for the person who suffers from the weakness of digestive system. Coffee generates warmth in Indian people, because India is a hot country. Its use reduces sleeping too, so it should not be taken at night. It reduces digestive power and generates indigestion. Taking the excessive quantity of coffee makes sperm dilute and brain fibres become weak. Take coffee regularly for long time, it makes the ligament weak and the health of the person is disturbed, so it should be taken according to need as a medicine. If someone feels hernia caused by having coffee, he should take 4 dosages of homeopathic medicine ‘nux vomica for one week regularly, because it ends all the bed effects of coffee. It helps in urination clearly. Taking coffee expands the veins of heart and trachea (breathing pipe). If someone suffers from excessive cough and asthma attack, he should take coffee because it provides benefit. Besides it, it is also useful to reduce all the types of pain. Coffee contains caffeine named element which affects upon the sensory part of body and generates stimulation. The pain is reduced by its use.

Different uses of coffee:

1. Physically and mentally fatigue: Taking coffee ends the fatigue of the mentally or physically. Besides it, it also ends all the stomach problems which originate after having meal too. Taking coffee after meals is useful for the bile and the person feels lightness.

2. Pain: Taking coffee is useful to reduce all the types of pain. It contains caffeine named element which affects to the sensory parts of the body and causes stimulation consequently, pain reduces.

3. Delay in delivery: If the woman feels mystification due to delay in delivery, giving strong coffee to the stimulate woman makes delivery normal.

4. Affect of intoxication: Taking strong coffee is useful to alleviate the poison of opium or wine.

5. Giddiness (While sea voyage ): If the person feels giddiness and vomiting while the voyage of sea, strong coffee should be taken before 1 hour of sea voyage as well as fill coffee in bottle and take while voyage. Using this process is useful to end all the types of problems caused by the voyage of sea. 

6. Hernia: Take coffee again-again and wash the hernia affected part by coffee continuously. Using this process brings out the air of hernia and cures hernia. This treatment provides relief in the chronic condition of hernia.

7. Precautions: Taking coffee for long time regularly, weakens the ligament and health becomes down. So, coffee should be taken like medicine in need only.

8. Asthma or breathing problems:

  • If the patient suffers from asthma or breathing problems, coffee should be given because it provides relief.
  • Hot coffee without milk and sugar should be taken in condition of asthma attack.

9. Cough: The person who suffers from fast cough should take hot coffee without milk because it provides relief.

10. Pain and swelling: Taking coffee decreases pain. It contains caffeine named element which affects to the sensory parts of the body and the mind and causes stimulate in the brain. Using this process reduces pain.

11. Energy: Make the powder by grinding the toasted seeds of coffee and boil it with water. Taking this preparation is useful to get energy in the body.

12. Stomachache:

  • Taking coffee after meals is useful to reduce stomachache that originates after having meal or disturbances in the stomach due the affect of opium.
  • The person who suffers from stomachache caused by meals or fast indigestion caused by opium should take strong coffee because it provides relief. It also ends fatigue caused by insomnia. A person feels good by drinking coffee.

13. Feeling excessive cold: If someone feels excessive cold, he should take warm coffee. He feels warmth in the body by drinking coffee and the impact of cold ends off.