If the patient shows such types of symptoms as shivering of the whole body of the patient, flapping of the lower muscles of the hands and trunk, itching, belching, incessant thirst, etc., he should take the medicine Codeinum regularly. Its use provides a lot of relief soon. 

Use of the medicine Codeinum on the base of different symptoms:

Symptoms of head:

The use of the medicine Codeinum is very beneficial if the patient suffers from these symptoms as pain in the neck and back side of the head, burning sensation in the skin of face and head after neural pain and other symptoms of head diseases.

Symptoms of eyes:

If a person’s eyelids flap themselves, he should take the medicine Codeinum to get relief.

Symptoms of breathing:

If the symptoms are as cough that increases at night while sleeping, excessive phlegm like pus, incessant cough, etc., the use of the medicine named Codeinum provides lots of relief.


The medicine Codeinum can be compared with the medicines as Opium, Agaricus, Hyoscyamus and Ammonium Bromatum.      


3rd potency of the medicine named Codeinum provides relief.