Cocculus Hirtus



Names: Paatal Garuri is known by the names of Chhireta and Mahamool.

Name in different languages:

Hindi           :        Paatal Garuni, Jal, Jarmani, Pharida Buti,Pharidabel, Chhireta

Sanskrit      :        Chhilhint, Mahamoola, Paatal Garun

Marathi       :        Baasbavel, Gurunbel, Bhuyipaanal, Taahicha, bel

Gujarati      :        Paatalgalori, Bevari

Bengali       :        Hair Shilinda

Latin            :        Cocculus Hirtus

Characteristic: Its fruit and another variety of it are nutritive and digestible. Its bitterness can be removed by boiling it. The sweet juice, which is extracted by grinding it with milk, is more nutritive. The quantity ¼ gram powder of coculus hirtus is used to cure catarrh and ordinary eye diseases. To sneeze, the powder of it should be inhaled.

Characteristics: Paatal Garuri removes phlegm and gas troubles and enhances sperm count.

Helpful in different diseases:

1. Burning sensation of urine: Give the roots of Paatal Garuri to the patient twice a day (in the morning and evening); it ends burning sensation of urine.

2. Pain and swelling: Make a paste by grinding the leaves of Paatal Garuri. Apply this paste on the affected portion; it removes swelling, pain and burning sensation.

3. Rheumatism (pain in the joints):

  • Prepare a decoction by boiling the roots of Paatal Garuri, pipal and dry ginger in nanny goat milk. Taking 20 to 40 ml of this decoction daily removes rheumatism.
  • Mix 150 grams fresh root of Paatal Garuri in 150 ml nanny goat milk after that also put the powder of black pepper in it. After that, take this mixture in the morning and evening, it cures chronic rheumatism.