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Citrus Vulgaris



Cucurbita Citrullus

Canthris Vesicerotiya

Cataria Nepeta


Coleus Aromaticus


Calotropis Lactum

Castanea Vesca

Castor Equi

Cerium Oxalicum

Chaparro Amargoso


Calcarea Hypophosphorica

Caltha Palustris

Carbo Vegetabilis

Cuprum Metallicum



Cactus Grandidlorus

Coffea Cruda

Chenopodi Glauci Aphis

Cereus Bonplandu

Cephalandra Indica

Calendula Officinalis

Cyclamen Europiyan

Crocus Sativa

Corbo Vegetables

Chininum Arsenic


Calotropis Gigantea


Cochlearia Armoracia-Armoracia Sariva

Comocladia Dentata


Cedron-Simaruba Ferroginea


Corboneum Sulphuratum

Cicuta Virosa

Clematis Erecta

Coca Erythroxylon Coca


Calcarea Sulphurica


Canvaleriya Magelis

Carboneum Hydrogenisatum

Camphora Mono-Bromata

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The medicine Cocculus proves very useful medicine for the patients of paralysis who have been suffering from half side paralysis of the body.

Use of the medicine Cocculus on the base of different symptoms: 

Symptoms of mind:

The medicine Cocculus provides a lot of relief to the patient in these symptoms as brooding in any anxiety all the time, incessant singing or talking, gloominess and when a person takes long time to understand anything.

Symptoms of head:

The medicine Cocculus proves a very good medicine for the treatment of such symptoms as vertigo, retching, pain in the neck and back side of the head, chronic headache while traveling, contraction of the eyeballs, shivering of the head, pain in the eyes and other symptoms of head.

Symptoms of face:

If the symptoms are as paralysis in the nerves of face, pain like spasm in the muscle from which food is chewed and increases by opening the mouth, neural pain after noon which spreads into each direction from the center, the use of the medicine named Cocculus provides lots of relief.

Symptoms of stomach:

The medicine Cocculus is useful in these symptoms as retching while long traveling, excessive retching due to cold, vertigo and vomiting along with retching, loss of appetite by seeing foodstuffs and tobacco, bitterness of the mouth, difficulty in swallowing meal due to the paralysis of muscles, dryness of the oesophagus, spasm in the stomach while having meal and after meal, hiccups, anorexia, desire to take cold beverages and other symptoms of stomach diseases.

Symptoms of abdomen:

The use of the medicine Cocculus provides a lot of relief in these symptoms as flatulence because of gastric problems, sensation of stones kept in the stomach while walking, acute pain in the abdomen, weakening of the stomach muscles and other symptoms of stomach diseases.

Symptoms of females:

The use of the medicine Cocculus provides a lot of relief if the patient suffers from these symptoms as profuse excretion of black blood during menses, early menses, pain in the upper membrane of the uterus due to pressure, excretion like pus from the vagina between the period of two menses and feeling excessive weakness during menses; the lady becomes too weak to stand during this period.   

Symptoms of breathing:

The medicine Cocculus provides a lot of relief if the patient suffers from these symptoms as sensation of empty chest, origin of convolution, difficulty in breathing, troublesome breathing due to the suffocation of the oesophagus, cough and other symptoms of breathing diseases.

Symptoms of back:

The medicine Cocculus provides a lot of relief in these symptoms as pain like paralysis in the below portion of the waist, origin of sound in the vertebrals of the neck if the head is moved, severe pain in the shoulders and arms, sensation of pressure on the neck and the joints of the shoulders and feeling stiffness in the shoulders by moving them.

Symptoms of external organs of the body:

The medicine Cocculus provides relief in such symptoms as pain and shivering in bodily organs, sensation of cold and hot in both hands simultaneously, origin of sound in the knees while walking, weakness in the lower organs of the body, swelling and burning sensation in the knees, erection in both hands and feet which pain occurs while stretching or folding, etc. 

Symptoms of sleeping:

The use of the medicine Cocculus provides a lot of relief to the patient if he suffers from these symptoms as incessant yawning, drowsiness in which eyes remain half opened, insomnia, problems due to the lack of sleeping, etc.  

Symptoms of fever:

If the symptoms are as sensation of trembling in the body along with cold, retching, vertigo, coldness in the lower organs of the body, hotness in the head, sweating all over the body, the patient should take the medicine Cocculus to get relief.


The medicine Cocculus can be compared with the medicines as Picrotoxin, Symphoricarpus racemosa, Petroleum, Pulsatilla and Ignadia.


The disease aggravates by eating, by lack of sleeping, in the open air, by smoking, by traveling in the vehicles, by swimming, by walking, due to excessive noise, by jerking, after noon and during menses. 

Anti-miasmatic medicines:

The bed effects of the medicine Cocculus can be removed by the medicines as Camphora, Chamomilla, Cuprum Aceticum, Ignedia and Nux Moschata.


3rd to 30th potencies of the medicine provide a lot of relief.