Use of the medicine Conaina on the base of different symptoms:

Symptoms of mind (mood):

The medicine Conaina proves very useful in such symptoms as constant contemplation, sensation of illusion of strange things before the eyes, staring everybody with anger, insomnia, desire to sit alone, etc.

Symptoms of head:

The use of the medicine Conaina is very beneficial if the patient has such symptoms as sensation of inflammation in the head or feeling as if the head is bursting, expansion of eyeballs, sensation of several things kept in the head, etc.

Symptoms of eyes:

The use of the medicine Conaina provides relief in such types of symptoms as, enhancement of depression and in no winking of eyes (a disease in which the patient does not wink).

Symptoms of throat:

This medicine provides a lot of relief to the patient in these symptoms as sensation of dry throat, burning sensation in the throat, suffocation, difficulty in talking, etc.

Symptoms of stomach:

All the symptoms as hard stomach, anorexia, desire to eat sweet, bleeding from the stomach and intestines are cured by the use of medicine Conaina.

Nervous system:

If the symptoms of the patients are as strain in the muscles, sensation of jolts in the body due to excessive drinking of wine, shivering of the body in the old age, paralysis in any body organ along with shivering, numbness in the hands and feet, etc., the use of the medicine Conaina provides a lot of relief.

Symptoms of sleeping:

If the symptoms are as no sleeping after lying many hours and constant restlessness, the patient should take the medicine Conaina to get relief.

Symptoms of fever:

The medicine Conaina is very beneficial in such symptoms as becoming cold of the body and excessive pale skin. 


The medicine Conaina can be compared with Stoven.


Lowest potencies


The medicine Conaina removes the harmful impacts in any diseases of skin or gums.