Cobra’s Saffron



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It is yellow.  Cobra’s saffron is pungent, dry and light.  It is a flower of a tree and has a lot of fragrance.  It is hot in nature.Name: Cobra’s saffron is also known by the names as Nagpusha, Pushprechan, Pinjar, Kaanchan, Phannikesar and Swaraghatan.

Colour: It is yellow.

Taste: Cobra’s saffron is pungent, dry and light.

Structure: It is a flower of a tree and has a lot of fragrance.

Nature: It is hot in nature.

Dose: Two grams cobra’s saffron can be taken as a dose.


Cobra’s saffron purifies the blood and throws the bile out with loose motions. It quenches thirst and prevents sweating, offensive smell and vomiting.  It is useful for the treatment of leprosy, fever, itching, Kapha and Pitta disorders and removes poison effect. It provides strength to cool natured people. It decreases obesity. It makes teeth strong and powerful.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Cough:

  • Drinking decoction of cobra’s saffron root and peel provides relief in cough.
  • Taking half to 1-gram Cobra’s saffron with butter and sugar-candy twice a day is useful for the treatment of cough which is full of phlegm.

2. Inflamed Ani: Taking half to 1-gram powder of cobra’s saffron mixed with butter and sugar-candy regularly cures the disease named inflamed ani.

3. Prolapsus Ani: Give 1\4 gram cobra’s saffron with guava to the child to eat. Its use cures prolapsus ani. It provides relief to child.

4. Sterility: Take one-gram powder of yellow cobra’s saffron with cow’s milk (calf-mother) regularly. If there is no problem pertaining to leucorrhea, the woman will be pregnant surely. Take this medicine regularly until conception. Its use gives positive results definitely.

5. Conception: Take five grams ground cobra’s saffron with cow’s milk (Calf-mother) or with 250 ml milk of black goat in the morning regularly for seven days after menstrual excretion. A boy baby will take birth by following this formula.

6. Hiccups: Taking 4-10 grams yellow cobra’s saffron with butter and sugar-candy twice a day prevents hiccups.

7. Avoidance from abortion: If a woman has a doubt of abortion in third month of pregnancy, she should take cobra’s saffron powder with sugar-candy mixed milk. It ends the suspicion of abortion.

8. Piles:

  • Mix equal quantity of cobra’s saffron and antimony (Surma) together for preparing powder. Licking half-gram this powder with 6 grams honey cures all the types of piles.
  • Mix 6 grams powder of cobra’s saffron, 10 grams butter and 6 grams sugar-candy together. Licking it for 6-7 days regularly prevents piles bleeding.

9. Blood dysentery: Taking three grams powder of cobra’s saffron mixing with ten grams cow’s butter decreases blood dysentery.

10. Menstrual Disorders: Grind cobra’s saffron, white sandal, symplocos crataegoides and Ashoka tree’s bark each ten grams for preparing powder. Taking one spoon this powder with spoonful fresh water twice a day provides relief in menstrual disorders.

11. Hurt: Its oil is very useful for body and joints pain.

12. Burning Sensation in the larynx: Prepare a decoction by boiling the root and peel of yellow cobra’s saffron. Taking 2-3 doses of this decoction in a day is useful to get relief in gastric (Stomach burning sensation).

13. Wound: Applying regular oil of cobra’s saffron cures wound soon.

14. Leucorrhoea:

  • Taking 3 grams powder of cobra’s saffron with fresh water is useful to get relief in white leucorrhoea.
  • Grind 40 grams cobra’s saffron, liquorice and resin of Sal tree (Ral) each thirty grams with 100 grams sugar-candy for preparing powder. After that, take 3-4 grams this powder with sugar-candy mixed warm milk twice a day, it cures all the types of leucorrhoea.
  • Taking one spoon cobra’s saffron with whey regularly 20 days is useful to cure white leucorrhoea.
  • Grind cobra’s saffron, white sandal, lodhra and Ashoka tree’s bark each ten grams and prepare the powder. After that, take one spoon powder with fresh water four times a day, it provides relief in this disease.
  • Taking three grams cobra’s saffron with whey is useful to cure white leucorrhoea.
  • Taking cobra’s saffron powder with rice’s water provides relief in leucorrhoea.
  • Grind cobra’s saffron and prepare slender powder. After that, take half-gram powder with whey regularly, it cures leucorrhoea. It also enhances body power.
  • Take half to one-gram cobra’s saffron with sugar-candy and butter twice a day. It cures both types of leucorrhoea.
  • Taking half to one-gram powder of cobra’s saffron twice a day cures blood leucorrhoea. This medicine is also useful for white leucorrhoea.
  • Taking 1-3 grams powder of cobra’s saffron with 50-ml. rice’s water twice a day provides relief in blood leucorrhoea.

15. Urticaria:  

  • Taking 5 grams cobra’s saffron mixing with honey twice a day is useful to get relief in urticaria.
  • Taking half pinch of cobra’s saffron with 25 grams honey is useful to get relief in this disease.

16. Nose Diseases: Applying paste of cobra’s saffron leaves on the head cures worse catarrh.

17. Nose Disease: In this disease, a person should take 2 grams ground saffron mixing with butter.


  • Rubbing with cobra’s saffron oil provides relief in joint’s pain.
  • Rubbing with oil of cobra’s saffron seeds is useful to cure rheumatism.

19. Cholera: Grind equal quantity of big cardamom, puffed rice, clove, yellow cobra’s saffron, henna, kernel of plum seed, cyperus and white sandal together for preparing fine powder. Mix ground sugar-candy with one portion of this powder. After that, take it with honey, it prevents vomiting caused by Tridoshas.

20. Face marks, itching and scabies: Appling oil of yellow cobra’s saffron is useful to end scabies and itching.

21. Bleeding: Applying cobra’s saffron powder on the wound prevents bleeding.

22. Excessive Sweating: Rub the powder or paste of cobra’s saffron, it checks excessive sweating.