Clerosendron Infortunatum



Name in different languages:

Hindi            -           Karu, Ghato, Thunera

Sanskrit        -           Kari, Mandira

Marathi         -           Kri mandira

Punjabi         -           Barangu, Kalivsuti

Bengali         -           Bhaant, Ghentu

Latin             -           Clerosendron infortunatum


Clerosendron infortunatum is pungent, bitter, purgative and nutritive. It kills the worms of the stomach and abates fever. It is useful in relapsing fever (fever that attacks on every third or fourth day). The properties of clerosendron infortunatum are similar to chiretta. Grind the leaves of clerosendron infortunatum and give it to the child. Its use kills long worms of the stomach. Grind its root with whey and give to the afflicted patient to get relief in stomach pain and loose motions. Applying the paste of clerosendron infortunatum on the skin provides relief in skin diseases. Giving 240 to 600 milligram powder of clerosendron infortunatum’s leaves mixing with honey and perfumed liquids to the child provides relief.