Clematis Triloba



Name in Different Languages:

Hindi                    :        Moorva, Morbul, Churanhaar, Dhantiyali, Murhari

Sanskrit               :        Moorva, Triparni, Sinagdhparnee, Morta

Marathi                :        Ranzai

Gujarati                :        Monbel

Kathiyawadi        :        Trekhandobelo

Kannada             :        Nadimorhari

Sindhi                  :        Maroova

Latin                     :        Clematis Triloba


Clematis Triloba increases memory power and destroys bacteria and cures fever. Applying its leave’s juice cures the ringworm.

Its fruit is hot in nature. It ends Kapha and stops belching. It is useful for the treatment of chest diseases, spermatorrhoea, leprosy, fever, itching, blood diseases and other diseases. It also keeps the mouth clean.