As we clean our daily use things at home or office when they are dirty in the same way cleanliness is very essential for our body. There are small pores on our skin which bring sweat out from the body. Dust and soil particles cover those pores of the skin. Hence, regular bath becomes very essential. Taking bath with cold water is very necessary for getting healthy and beautiful body. Many people take bath with hot water. Circulation of blood becomes slow by taking bath in hot water. Nervous system becomes strong and blood circulates in the body properly if bath is taken in cold water daily.

Many people take bath by dipping in the river or they take bath in bathroom in hurry. They call it bath but it is not a complete bath. Doing so is not good. Bath means to cleanse the pores of the skin. Hence, body should be washed properly with soap after wetting it with water. People who don’t use soap for bath can rub the ubtan made from gram flour, milk and turmeric all over the body and then remove it by pouring water. Mop your body properly with the help of towel. Objects for taking bath are tub, mug, hairy towel, dettol, ud colon, soap, scrubber, lua (pumic of torai), powder, moisturizer and small wood plank for sitting.  


  • Take bath with lukewarm water after body massage. You can mix a little salt or rosewater in the water too. Lukewarm water removes the lubrication of oil from the skin and the body becomes clean properly. Thus, tiredness of the body disappears and pores of the skin get open.
  • Mix some barley flour, turmeric, honey and juice of one lemon in one bowl of gram flour and rub it all over the body properly. Take bath after sometime.  
  • Use soap which contains glycerin for bath. Make foams on the body by applying soap and then rub body slowly with the help of scrubber.
  • Rub your back with the help of lua (pumic of torai) by bringing hand backwardly. Thus, your waist will become neat and clean.  
  • Rub your heels slowly with the help of iron scrubber and then remove filth from the toes.
  • Take 3-4 mugs water in bathing tub and then mix dettol or ud colon in it before taking bath.
  • Clean your body with big hairy towel properly.
  • Apply talcum powder in the armpits and moisturizer all over the body.
  • Rub your knees, elbows, shoulders with the help of pumic properly while bathing.
  • Take bath daily in every season because several kinds of diseases disappear after bath. The body becomes active too.
  • Bathroom should be kept neat and dry so that bacteria may not take birth there.  
  • Each family member should have own towel.
  • Don’t hang wet clothes in bathroom. Doing so can be the cause of allergy. Dry your inner clothes in sunlight necessarily.