Citrus Limon



Citrus limon is a type of lemon and is found all over India. Its fruit is like orange (Narangi).Introduction:

Citrus limon is a type of lemon and is found all over India. Its fruit is like orange (Narangi).

Name in Different Languages:

English        :         Lemon

Hindi            :        Jambiri

Sanskrit       :        Jambir

Bengali         :        Gondalimba, Jami Lebu

Marathi         :        Iedlimbu

Kannada      :        Kanchile, Dodu Likayee or Kadlibein

Telugu           :       Jambi or Adbimneema

Tamil             :         Kattelu Michche

Gujarati        :        Indlimbu or Gadhadlimbu

Malayalam   :        Kattu Kurann

Latin             :        Citrus lemon

Surname      :         Rutesis

Colour: Raw fruit is light green, blue whereas ripe fruit is green.

Taste: It is sweet and sour.

Structure: Its tree is grown in gardens and parks. Its leaves are in round shape and smaller than lemon. All type of lemons have white and fragrant flower. It has many grades. Its trees are bigger than orange tree. Ripe fruit colour is yellow and full of fragrant. Its leaves and flowers look same. Thin pulse is made with small type of lemon and thick pulse is made with big lemon. It is also used to make pickle. Lemonade is made with its juice.

Nature:  It is hot natured.

Precautions: Excessive quantity of lemon increases bile in the body.

Bad Effects Removal: Dissolve salt and ground black pepper with lemon. It survives lemon qualities and removes its bad effects.

Comparison: It can be compared with Kagzi lemon.

Qualities: Citrus limon ends Tridoshas (Vaata, Pitta and Kapha), pain, cough and vomiting. It destroys worms and cures anorexia. It is useful for the treatment of throat diseases, tuberculosis, bile pain, vagina problems, constipation, cholera, kidney diseases, tumour and others. It also increases digestive power and is useful for eyes. It increases hunger.

Useful for Different Diseases:

1. Fever: Taking its juice mixing with water and sugar is useful for fever.

2. Scury: Taking 2-6 ml juice of Jambiri lemon provides relief.

3. Blue vitriol’s poison: One should drink this lemon juice added with loafsugar for relief in such type of poison.

4. Acidity: Drinking its juice in evening provides relief.

5. Skin diseases: Mix its oil with glycerin and apply on boils and pimples. Its use provides relief.

6. Itching: Mix sulphur with lemon juice and apply on the affected part. Its use provides good relief.

7. Rheumatism: Taking juice of Jambhiri or Kagzi lemon twice a day regularly is useful to cure rheumatism.