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Fruit of citron is bigger than lemon. There are two kinds of citron sour and sweet. Sweet citron fruit is pink and its fruit bark is very sweet.Introduction:

Fruit of citron is bigger than lemon. There are two kinds of citron sour and sweet. Sweet citron fruit is pink and its fruit bark is very sweet.

Citron fruit: - It is sour, pungent, hot natured, small, delicious and enhances hunger. It cleans throat and digests meal. It cures asthma, cough, Vaata and Kapha disorders. It quenches thirst and cures bile, hiccups and anorexia, and blood disorders due to bile.

Soft citron (raw fruit): It creates Tridoshas (vata, pitta and kapha) and blood disorders.

Ripe citron: It makes the body beautiful and is useful for the heart. It increases body power, sperm count and cures pain, anorexia, and asthma, Vaata and Pitta disorders.   

Citron peel’s juice: It is cold in eating and heavy in digestion. It increases sperm count and oily phlegm. It ends Vaata disorders.

Middle part of citron’s peel: It ends pain and anorexia. Its use cures bile disease, gas, waist diseases and stomach diseases.

Citron’s saffron: It digests easily and increases brainpower. It is light and breaks the constipation. Its use cures stomach diseases, asthma, cough, hiccups, madness and piles. It ends Vatta disorders, the habit of intoxication and vomiting.

Juice of its saffron: It is useful for the treatment of waist pain, pain in the abdomen, kapha, anorexia, gas, asthma, cough and vomiting.

Seeds of citron: Its seeds are bitter, heavy and provide strength. It helps in conceiving. It digests easily. Its use ends kapha, piles and swelling, gas problems and bile disorders.

Pulp of Citron seeds: It is heavy digestible, cool, oily, nutritive and provides power to the body. It ends Vaata and Pitta disorders. Its root ends worms, pain and cholera.

Sweet citron: Sweet citron is cool in nature, sweet, nutritive heavy in digestion and provides strength. It ends Tridoshas and blood disorders. It stops motions and provides relief in asthma, cough, tuberculosis and hiccups.

Jangli citron: It is spicy, hot natured, sour and enhances hunger. It destroys worms, wind, Kapha and asthma.

Qualities of jangli citron: Jangli citron is sour, spicy, hot natured and enhances hunger. Its use destroys worms and asthma.

Fruit of jangli citron: It is small, cool natured, and digests easily. Its use ends wind and blood disorders due to bile.

Citron flower: Its flowers are cool natured and light. It increases appetite and stops motions. It ends Vaata disorders and blood warmth.

How to eat citron: First- One should take it with rock salt in rainy season, Second- with sugar-candy in winter, Third- with salt, ginger and asafetida in autumn, Forth- with mustard in winter and spring and Fifth- with jiggery in summer.

Names in Different Languages:

English          :        Cytrus

Hindi              :        Bijora

Sanskrit         :        Bijpoor, Matulung

Gujarati         :        Beejoru

Marathi          :        Mahalunga

Bengali          :        Tawalebu

Kannada       :        Madhwal, Mahaphlagida

Telugu            :        Thapal

Malacca        :        Madlanarak

Parsian         :        Turanz

Telugu            :        Dawakaya

Arabic           :        Utranz

Latin              :        Cytrusersida, Cytesmedica

Colour: Its fruit is red and pink.

Taste: Its fruit is sweet.

Structure: Its trees are grown in gardens. Its leaves are equal as lemon leaves but 8-10 folds bigger than the lemon. Citron flowers are white and fruits are long and round. White or big seeds, which are found in the citron fruit, contain sweet pulp and a dish is prepared from it. Taking it provides strength to weak persons. Its jam is good. Syrup is made with its juice. People mix cardamom, mace and other spices in its jam and keep for several years.

Nature: Citron is hot natured but according to Greek medical system, its peel is hot natured and fruit is cool natured. Its seeds are hot natured and dry.

Precautions: Taking over quantity of citron may create headache for hot natured people. 

Bad Effects Removal: Wild Or sweet Violet’s syrup (Banfsa) and fig save citron’s qualities and remove its bad effects.

Comparison: It can be compared with kagzi lemon juice and lemon.


Citron increases appetite and is useful for the treatment of throat and tongue diseases. It cures asthma, cough, anorexia, Pitta disorders and quenches thirst. Taking its root destroys worms and provides relief in rheumatism. Its flower and buds are excitable and useful for intestines and stomach disturbances. It makes heart strong and creates constipation. It prevents vomiting caused by warmth and body warmth. It cures madness, thirst and diseases caused by warmth. It increases hunger and is useful for scorpion poison. Citron is light in eating and increases hunger.

Useful for Different Diseases:

1. Fever: Taking its juice mixing with water and sugar is useful for fever.

2. Scury: Taking 2-6 ml juice of Jambiri lemon provides relief.

3. Blue vitriol’s poison: One should drink this lemon juice added with loafsugar for relief in such type of poison.

4. Acidity: Drinking its juice in evening provides relief.

5. Skin diseases: Mix its oil with glycerin and apply on boils and pimples. Its use provides relief.

6. Itching: Mix sulphur with lemon juice and apply on the affected part. Its use provides good relief.

7. Rheumatism: Taking juice of Jambhiri or Kagzi lemon twice a day regularly is useful to cure rheumatism.