Cinnabaris-mercuruis (sulphuratus ruber)



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Sulphuratus ruber is proved as very beneficial drug for curing wounds due to heat and serious stages of neuralgic pain of the eyes.    

Useful in various symptoms:-

Head-related symptoms:-

Sulphuratus ruber is a great remedy in the symptom as acute headache due to blood accumulation in the head.  The patient suffers from facial redness due to intensive headache. 

Eyes-related symptoms:-

The patient suffers from eyes ache which moves to the temples and around the eyes via tears pipe. This pain begins from the inner corner of the eyes and reached to the eyebrows and ears. The patient suffers from intensive pain in the bones and orbits especially pain begins from the inner corner of the eyes and reaches to the outer corner. He suffers from eyes redness, granulated eyelids and redness of the eyelids and eyes corners. Giving Sulphuratus ruber to the suffered patient provides quick relief from above symptoms.     

Nose-related symptoms:-

Sulphuratus ruber is a beneficial drug in the cases of feeling of excessive pressure on the nose as if someone is pressing the nose and feeling of pressure on the nose joints which is moved to both the bones of the nose.

Throat-related symptoms:-

Sulphuratus ruber should be used in the cases of dripping phlegm from the posterior portion of the nose to the throat, excessive dryness of the mouth and throat and red wounds like fire in the mouth and throat. This medicine cures above symptoms completely. 

Symptoms related to men diseases:-

Sulphuratus ruber is an excellent remedy in the cases of swelling in the frontal part of the penis, warts on the glans penis with continuous bleeding, testicles enlargement, testicles buboes, syphilis wounds and blisters and tumours of the genitalia organs caused by heat.    

Gynecology-related symptoms:-

Sulphuratus ruber is used for curing symptoms as leucorrhoea and feeling of pressure on the vagina as if someone is pressing the vagina.

Skin-related symptoms:-

Sulphuratus ruber is very useful medicine in the cases of red wounds like fire on the skin of the whole body, tumours in the front portion of the thighs, body buboes and condyloma with continuous bleeding.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:-

Sulphuratus ruber is an effective remedy in the cases of pain from the elbow to the lower portion of the arm, intensive pain of the legs bones in the winters and joints pain.

Anti-miasmatic medicines:-

Hepar-Sulphurius is used for removing all the bad effects of Sulphuratus ruber.


These symptoms are aggravated by lying down on the left side.


Sulphuratus ruber can be compared with drugs like- Hepar, Nitricum-acidum, Thuja, Sepia, etc.


The trituration of 1st to 3rd potencies of Sulphuratus ruber should be given to the suffered patient.