The medicine Chrysarobinum provides a lot of relief if the patient suffers from such symptoms as appearance pf different types of spots and flecks on the skin, ringworms at feet and pimples and other skin diseases.

Use of the medicine Chrysarobinum on the base of different types of symptoms:

Symptoms of eyes: ok, apne

The medicine Chrysarobinum provides relief soon if the patient suffers from these symptoms as swelling on the eyelids, filth in the eyes, weak eyesight and when eyes become closed in fast light.

Symptoms of ear:

The use of the medicine Chrysarobinum provides relief in all these symptoms as pain in the back side of the ear, filth in the ear and deafness.


Chrysofain is mixed with Chrysarobinum which oxidized quickly and changes into Chrysofanic Acid. This is found in Rheubarb and Cina too.


3rd to 6th potencies are used as a dose by the patient.


A preparation made from 0.26 grams to 0.52 grams medicine of the Chrysarobinum by mixing 28 ml. Vaseline is used for external use.


There is a need of precautions if the medicine Chrysarobinum is used externally because this medicine creates burning sensation on the skin.