Chronic catarrh



In the condition of sperm defects due to getting much cold, thickening dust particles in the breathing pipe (trachea) and syphilis, catarrh becomes chronic which is called chronic catarrh. There are two types of chronic catarrh- aggravating stage of catarrh and chronic catarrh.

Aggravating stage of catarrh:-

In this case, the fiber and membranes inside the nose is enlarged due to chronic swelling of mucus membrane of the nose due to which, the patient feels difficulty in breathing. In this disease, watery secretion secretes from the nose in enough quantity. Sometimes one nostril and sometimes both the nostrils are closed due to this secretion. The nose and the throat secretes watery secretion, for bringing out, the patient has to expectorate. In this stage of catarrh, patient feels headache, his hearing power starts decreasing and has symptoms of neuralgia.

Chronic stage of catarrh:-

In chronic stage of catarrh, the mucus membrane inside the nose is swollen and stinky secretion secretes from the nose. When aggravating stage of catarrh becomes chronic, it is called chronic stage of catarrh. Secretion becomes scabs inside the nose after drying up. Blood also comes with this secretion. Smell goes on coming out from the nose and patient’s smelling power is affected (becomes low).

Few other treatments with the use of different drugs:-

The suffered person should walk in the open air and should take bath with cold water daily in the morning, because it makes the body capable to tolerate the cold.

Few other drugs can be also used in addition to above said drugs, which are as follow- Psorinum 30, Ars-Iod 6x, Calca-carb 3, Sulphur 30, Hydrastis 6, Nitric-acid 30, Nux-vomica 30, Phosphorus 6, Sepia 30, powder of Merc-proto 6x, Silica 30 etc.


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<p>below links     Treatment of this disease by following drugs:
1.     Pulsatilla-


    Chronic catarrh attacks again and again after acute catarrh. Concentrated green or yellow secretion secretes from the nose, having lack of tasting and smelling ability. Smelly mucus secretes from the nose. The symptoms of disease become aggravated in the evening and in a hot room. Thus, Pulsatilla 6 or 30 should be taken.
    2.     Kali-sulphur-


      In chronic catarrh, if the disease has ameliorated after giving Pulsatilla and only whirring sound produces in the throat with catarrh, Kali-sulphur 3 or 12 should be taken.
      3.     Lycopodium-


        In the chronic stage of catarrh, this drug is very useful. In this disease, the patient has to take breath through the mouth at night due to closing the nose. So, Lycopodium 30 should be used.
        4.     Sticta-


          Sticta 1x or 3 should be taken in the symptoms like- closing the nose, feeling pain on the forehead above the nose, remaining the nose dry, forming scabs inside the nose, having dry cough, aggravating cough by taking breath etc.
          5.     Kali-bicrome-


            If concentrated, tough and thready phlegm secretes from the nose; feels pressure in the nose root; scabs are form inside the nose; wound has appeared inside the nose and smell comes out from the nose etc., Kali-bicrome 3x or 6 should be taken.
            6.     Kali-Iod-


              If concentrated, tough, greenish black or yellow and thready phlegm secretes from the nose; feels pressure in the nose root etc., taking Kali-Iod 30 or its mother tincture is beneficial. This drug is used to cure disease that is originated by the additional use of mercury.
              7. Antim-tart-


                The patient has cough that produces whirr sound and feels as if phlegm is collected in the throat, to remove out that phlegm, he has to expectorate. He starts panting while coughing, feels nauseate and vomiting with hoarseness. Thus, taking Antim-tart 6 or 30 is beneficial in such types of symptoms.
                8. Arum-met-


                  Due to catarrh, wound is appeared in the nose slowly; scabs are formed inside the nose. Due to wound inside the nose, it is closed, by which the patient feels difficulty in breathing. Concentrated smelly secretion secretes from the nose, due to which, wound is appeared in the nose bone and he remains sad all the time and he has desire to commit suicide. Thus, using Arum-met 6x or 200 is very effective to cure this disease.
                  9. Hepar-sulphar-


                    In chronic catarrh, the nose is closed just after touching cold water. Thus, the patient should take Hepar-sulphor 30 in such symptoms.