Chronic amoebic Dysentery



          Numerous people become the victim of this disease. Filth and bad habits are the causes of this disease. This disease should be treated soon if someone becomes the victim of this disease otherwise disease may be chronic or there may be sore in the lungs. 

Cause of this disease:

          A bacterium named Anti amoeba histolatika that is found in the amoeba affected cell becomes the cause of this disease. This micro bacterium is present in polluted water. When a person drinks this water or uses in meal, bacteria enter into the body and produce disease. Bacteria of this disease make sores in the intestines after reaching there because of which a person becomes the victim of this disease. 

Symptoms of chronic amoebic dysentery:

  • A person suffers from indigestion, retching, inflammation in the chest and gastric problems when he becomes the patient of this disease.
  • In this disease, the patient suffers from loose motions because of which the victim faces great difficulty.
  • The victim of this disease keeps on becoming weak day by day in this disease. Besides it, weight of the body reduces.
  • Blood and phlegm starts to come with stool when this disease becomes serious. Besides these, the patient suffers from fever and vomiting too.  

Treatment of this disease in naturopathy:

  • The patient should drink lemon juice mixed water for 2-3 days regularly while keeping fast for the treatment of this disease.
  • In addition to keeping fast, boil neem leaves in water and take enema with this water in lukewarm water to cleanse the stomach.
  • The patient should take hip-bath (Kati-Snan) with cold water regularly in this disease.
  • The patient of this disease should apply mudpack twice a day for at least 20-25 minutes for some days regularly. The patient should wrap wet bandage on the portion of kidneys for at least once or twice a week.
  • The patient should wrap a wet bandage on the stomach regularly.
  • If the patient has been suffering from flatulence and pain, gastro hepatic covering should be used.
  • Hot and cold application should be applied on the stomach. Sometimes, she should take in cold or hot water.


         Thus, a patient of this disease gets rid of this disease within some days if the treatment is done according to naturopathy.