Choking (difficulty in breathing)




This disease occurs suddenly due to sticking food particles or any other things inside the trachea while taking meals which causes difficulty in breathing. Besides it, sometimes children put a coin or other things in his mouth while playing which is gone to the trachea and stick.


 If a person feels difficult breathing due to sticking any thing in the trachea, he suddenly holds the throat with his hands. Voices are not able to come. If he does not breathe for a while, his face is turned blue and becomes unconsciousness.

Important notes:-

If you or a person around you is feeling difficulty in breathing due to sticking something in the trachea, there are some methods by which you can help yourself or that person too.  

  • The patient should try to remove out that thing which is stuck in the trachea by coughing hardly or by expectoration.
  • The patient should keep his one fist between the navel and the ribs and hold it with other hand.


  • To bring out the thing which is stuck in the trachea, do not give much pressure on the stomach or the ribs because it can harm the liver and the spleen.
  • When thing stuck in the trachea comes out, drinks water slowly sip by sip.
  • If something is stuck in the trachea, the patient should not try to bring out that thing, because due to it, thing can go inside it too. 


If this type of incident occurs with any member of your family or in your neighbor, you can help them by these methods said above, but do these activities carefully.