Wheat hush is the best than other eatable food or ideal of wheat bran is silk.Introduction:

Wheat’s hush contains excessive minerals, salt and vitamin for safety of the body. Taking chapatti without hush reduces the body health. Present quality of bran can not be compared with any eatable food.

 Wheat hush is the best than other eatable food or ideal of wheat bran is silk.

The bran contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, celeries, silk, calcium, sodium, oakgelic acid, poeticism, copper, sulfur, chlorine, Zink, thiamin, vitamin A, riboflavin, nicotinic acid, pyridocni, folic acid, pretathenic acid and vitamin.

Taking thick chapatti of hush and cooked vegetable with peels can keep the body healthy.

Benefit of bran:

  1. Hush chapatti collects mouth saliva in excessive quantity, which helps to digest food. Hush helps to clear the stomach because of that any disease does not occur in the body.
  2. The person who takes hush does not suffer from appendicitis, intestine diseases, piles, fistula and cancer of rectum and large intestinal.
  3. The hush protects from cancer and provides safety to the intestines. It cures stomach wound and tuberculosis too. It keeps the body safe from cloistral and heart problems. Mix hush with water and take bath with it, it cures skin diseases. Hush is the best medicine to reduce obesity (fatness). It is also helpful in diabetes solution.
  4. Taking hush keeps the brain peaceful and healthy because hush clears the stomach. It increases prophylactic (fighting power) in blood because of alkali.