The medicine Chloroformum provides a lot of relief in several symptoms of diseases as excessive weakness in the body, excessive exhaustion in the lower organs from the knees, excessive sweating on the chest and whole face, insomnia, dryness on the lips and throat, dry cough at night, wind in the stomach, pain in the stomach and panting after doing a little work.

Use of the medicine Chloroformum on the base of different symptoms:

Symptoms of head:

The use of the medicine Chloroformum is very beneficial if a patient suffers from these symptoms as excessive excitement in the head, feeling as if head has come on the shoulders, closing or opening of the eyes in a fast motion, sensation of paralysis on the face, muscles and external organs.


 The medicine Chloroformum can be compared with the medicines as ether, Spiriti and Atheris Campogits.


This medicine can be used from 6th to 200 potencies.