The medicine Chloralum Hydratum is considered the most effective medicine for brain problems or skin diseases. This medicine acts on the brain of the patient and brings sound sleep. It creates red small pimples on the whole body after the reaction on the skin.

Use of the medicine Chloralum Hydratum on the base of different symptoms:

Symptoms of head:

The use of the medicine Chloralum Hydratum provides relief soon in all these symptoms as constant headache, pain in the forehead and temple which increases by a little movement and other symptoms of head diseases.

Symptoms of breathing:

The use of the medicine Chloralum Hydratum provides a lot of relief if the symptoms are as difficulty in breathing, panting after a little walk, suffocation and other respiratory diseases.

Symptoms of rheumatism:

If a patient suffers from itching all over the body in winter season, he should take the medicine Chloralum Hydratum to get relief. Besides it, this medicine is more beneficial than other medicines for the treatment of those persons who are habitual of intoxication.

Symptoms of skin:

The use of the medicine Chloralum Hydratum is very beneficial if a patient suffers from these symptoms as appearance of small poxes on the body like measles which creates itching and other skin diseases.

Symptoms of fear:

The use of the medicine Chloralum Hydratum provides a lot of relief to the child if the child shows such symptoms as sudden crying after awakening as if he is afraid and there are the symptoms of the appearance of small chicken poxes.


The medicine Chloralum Hydratum can be compared with the medicines as Ammonium, Atropium, Digitalis, Mascus and others.


1st potency trituration or high potencies