Chionanthus virginica



The medicine Chionanthus Virginica is considered very effective medicine for liver diseases. This medicine works on liver and its veins. A patient of liver diseases suffers from these symptoms as constipation, slimy, hot and yellow stool, excessive yellow urine and spleen diseases in the summer season, the use of the medicine Chionanthus Virginica for such kinds of symptoms is very beneficial. Besides these, this medicine is very effective in liver pain, disgust of eating and stones in gall bladder.

Use of the medicine Chionanthus Virginica on the base of different symptoms:

Symptoms of stomach:

If the symptoms are as sensation of disturbances in the stomach, sensation of hard and tight stomach, retching, frequent loose motions and yawning, the use of the medicine Chionanthus Virginica provides relief.

Symptoms of urine:

If the symptoms are as thick and red colour urine, constant desire to urinate and sugar with urine, the patient should take the medicine Chionanthus Virginica to get rid of these problems.


The medicine Chionanthus Virginica can be compared with the medicines as Cinchona, Chinanthus, Chelidonium, Carduus, Podophyllum, Leptandra.


Regular use of the mother tincture and 2 X potency of the medicine Chionanthus Virginica makes the patient healthy within some days.