China Root



Color: China root is pink.  Taste: Its taste is bitter and pungent.  Structure: China root leaves are like winter cherry leaves.Color: China root is pink.

Taste: Its taste is bitter and pungent.

Structure: China root leaves are like winter cherry leaves. Its tree has burls. Its color is little white, yellow and changes into red after ripening.

Nature: It is hot in nature.

Precaution: Taking over quantity of china root is harmful for hot natured persons.

Bad effects removal: Pomegranate removes the bad effects of China root.

Compare: It can be compared with sarsaparilla.

Dosage: 6-9 grams china root should be used.

Qualities: China root enhances body strength and purifies the blood. It is useful to cure paralysis, mentally diseases, anus diseases and leprosy. It ends itching and uterus disorders. It keeps menstrual excretion and urine normal. It is very useful medicine to cure syphilis, leprosy and itching. Food stuffs full of sourness, non-veg and spicy should be abandoned while this treatment.  

For reading tips click below links      China root (Chobchini*) is useful in different diseases:
1.     Asthma or breathing problems:

Asthma or breathing problems:

    Boil 100 grams china root with 800 ml water until it remains 300 grams then filter it. Taking 25 to 75 ml this decoction 3-4 times a day regularly cures asthma.
    2.     AIDS:


      Take 40 ml decoction of root of big china root twice a day, cures ulcer and pimples caused by sex.
      3.     Sperm disorders:

      Sperm disorders:

        Make the powder by grinding equal quantity of china root, dry ginger, gum of silk cotton (mochrus), cholorophytum arundinaceum baker and aspagarus abscendens, black pepper babereng and aniseed together. Take 10 grams this powder and drink mixed milk of sugar candy regularly. Using this process is useful to end sperm disorders.
        4.     Syphilis:


          • Taking 3-4 grams powder of china root twice a day is useful in syphilis.
          • If there is excessive effect of poison, a decoction of china root should be taken after mixing with honey.
          5.     Rheumatism diseases:

          Rheumatism diseases:

            • Boil china root with milk and mix 3-6 gram mastangi, cardamom and cinnamon in it. Giving this preparation twice a day to the patient provides relief from rheumatism pain.
            • Make a decoction by boiling china root and onosma bracteatum with water. Rub this decoction on the knees, ends the weakness and pain of bones.
            6.     Pain from hip to feet:

            Pain from hip to feet:

              Grind thick 60 grams china root and store it. Soak 6 grams from this thick powder in 200 ml water at overnight. Boil this preparation until it remains half quantity then put it down. Taking this decoction after cooling is useful to get relief in the pain from hip to feet.
              7. Body numbness:

              Body numbness:

                Mix china root and long pepper root 5 grams each with 4 grams butter. Taking this preparation with milk is useful to end numbness of the body.