Chicory is a type of grass of which seeds are like cumin seed. Its leaves, seeds and root are used as medicines.Colour: Chicory is green and brown.

Taste: It is vapid.

Structure: Chicory is a type of grass of which seeds are like cumin seed. Its leaves, seeds and root are used as medicines.

Nature: Chicory leaves and seeds are cool in nature. Its root is slight hot in nature.

Precautions: Chicory leaves are harmful for the patient of cough. Its seeds are harmful for the patient of spleen. Over quantity of it may be the cause of unconsciousness.

Removing side effects: The seeds of wild violet are used for removing side all the side effects of chicory.

Comparison: Chicory can be compared with the seed of Shahtra.

Dosage: It can be taken in the quantity of 1 to 9 grams.


Leaves: Take chicory leaves to reduce the warmth of heart and blood. The juice of its leaves is useful in the treatment of jaundice, spleen and liver problems.

Root: Root of chicory plant makes the stomach clean and passes the urine out easily. It purifies the blood and reduces internal swelling of the stomach. It is very useful for the patient of arthritis. It gets rid of chronic fever and removes dryness of the mouth, hands and feet.

Seed: Chicory seed brings urine and its use gets rid of headache as well as insanity. Its seeds are useful for the treatment of spleen problems and fever caused by heat. Its seed increases appetite and prevents bleeding from the mouth.

Wild Chicory: It takes time in digestion and stops loose motions. It makes the stomach strong and prevents bleeding. It continues chocked menstrual excretion. Its root and seeds are more useful than chicory’s seeds and root.

Useful in different diseases:

1.Swelling of the uterus: Grind the root of chicory plant, wild violet, variyadi 6 grams each and caccinia glauca (Gajvan), Tukham kusum 5 grams each and 6 or 7 dry grapes (munakkha) properly. Take this mixture with 250 ml water twice a day for 8-10 days regularly. Its use reduces the swelling of the uterus. It also prevents bleeding and mucous discharge.

2.Dysmenorrhoea: Give 20 to 40 ml decoction of chicory root to the woman twice or thrice a day. All the problems of menstrual excretion as- irregularity of menstrual excretion, dysmenorrhoea, menorrhagia and scanty menstrual excretion disappear by its use.

3.Excessive origin of bile: Eat chicory fruit to end the burning sensation caused by bile and other problems.