Most of the people think that small pox and chicken pox are same, but both of these diseases are differ from each other. Only one symptom is found in both these diseases- erupting grains (eruptions). But there is difference too in the eruptions of both these diseases. The eruptions of small pox are big that is cracked from the center and then dried up and scabs begin to appear on them. In the other hand, the eruptions of chicken pox are small, does not crack from center. These eruptions only dried up but scabs do not appear. Mostly, chicken pox occurred in small children in their earlier (small) age.


In the case of chicken pox, small grains are erupted on the entire body, mostly visible on the cheeks, mouth and everywhere on the body. These are red in colour and light (low) fever also occurs with it.

Use of different drugs in the case of chicken pox:-

1. Rhus-tox:- Rhus-tox is known as very effective drug to cure chicken pox. If 3x potency of this drug is given to the patient, he is cured within few days.

2. Aconite:- In the condition of chicken pox, if the patient feels severe fever, taking Aconite 3x in its initial stage is beneficial.

3. Antim-tart:- If Rhus-tox makes no impression in the condition of chicken pox, Antim-tart 6 can be given to the patient.

4. Variolinum:- Giving only one dose of Variolinum 200 to the patient suffering from chicken pox is very effective.

In the condition of itching sensation in the grains:-

If the patient feels violent itching sensation in the grains of chicken pox, applying olive oil after mixing camphor in it provides relief.

1. Bryonia:- If the grains of small pox are suppressed, Bryonia 30 should be taken. It helps suppressed grains to erupt.

Important note:-

  • If the symptoms of this disease do not create problems for the patient, there is no need to lying down on the bed.
  • The patient should not scratch and prick the grains of chicken pox otherwise wounds and its marks are generated.
  • The patient should keep his body neat and clean. It is so necessary.
  • The patient of chicken pox should take mostly liquid diet.  
  • If the patient starts suffering from wounds in the eyes, severe fever or too much cough and vomiting, a doctor should be consulted immediately.