Our Aim


In ancient time, many Rishis, inventors, scientists and experienced scholars have presented their knowledge about Ayurveda. Some descriptions among these are being given here. In Satayuga, a saint named Atri worked hundred times more than us in his ‘Atri Samhita’. In Tretayuga, Mahatma Charak penned “Charka Samhita” for the welfare of humanity. In the same way, in Dwapar Yuga, Mahatma Shushrut showed magic by presenting “Shushrut Samhita”. In kalayuga, an epic named ‘Ashtangand Hirday’ was written by Vagabhatta and he changed a lot in Avyurveda Shastra. By inspiring from such great scholars, our team has prepared this website.   

Providing information about the ailments to the people of all classes of the society and making them aware about their health is the aim behind developing this website. Besides, providing at most information about many therapies as acupressure, mantra treatment, yoga asana, magnet therapy, massage and merits and demerits of medicines as plants and herbs and their treatment by these therapies is our aim. 

At present, a large number of people are illiterate and financially weak in our country. Such people get the treatment start by believing in different kinds of religious customs, bad customs and superstitions because of poverty-stricken life. They go to fake doctors for the treatment and such fake doctors keep on extorting money from them. Their minor diseases become chronic slowly. Later on, they have to go in big hospitals for the treatment and they have to spend lots of money for their treatment. To make such kinds of people aware, our website has at most information about the causes of ailments’ origin, their symptoms and treatment.    

The aim to make this website so splendid and equipped with modern techniques is to provide information about diseases and their treatment to doctors, persons related to medical field and common people.