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[ C ] Related Medicines:

Color: Chanakhar is brown.

Taste: It is salty and spicy.

Structure: In the month of January-February when there is a lot of dew in the field of gram, drag a thick cloth on the plants of grams properly until a lot of grams’ plant’s hair collect on the cloth. After that, wet that cloth in the water and put on the fire to prepare chanakhar. Besides it, if the fruits of grams have ripened, uproot them and dry, and drip water drops on them and then take out khar from them.  

Nature: It is hot natured.

Quality: Chanakhar is an acid juice. It is useful for the tooth and increases appetite. It ends indigestion, pain and constipation.

Sun stroke: Mix about 120-240 milligrams chanakhar with water and give to the patient.  Its use ends burning sensation and thirst caused by syphilis or sun strokes. Its paste can be used to apply on the body which protects from sunstrokes.