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Colour: Cane is yellow, green and red.

Taste: It is vapid.

Structure: There are two kinds of cane- cane and water cane. Its plants grow near by ponds on the earth. Its plants are like the creeper (lata). The leaves of cane are like bamboo. It has no fruits and flowers. Its upper bark is very strong. Chairs and benches are made from its wood.

Nature: It is cool but according to Greek medical science, it is hot.

Precaution: Taking it’s over quantity causes dryness.

Removing side-effects: Mixing ghee with cane removes all the side-effects of it.

Comparison: Cane can be compared with night jasmine (harsinghar).

Dosage: It is taken in the quantity of 6 grams.

Quality: Both types of canes are cool, bitter and spicy. These eliminate kapha, vatta and pitta. These medicines is useful for the treatment of burning sensation, swelling, piles, urinary problems, loose motions, blood disorders, vagina diseases and leprosy. These remove stones and alleviate poisoning too.

Sprouts of cane: The sprouts of cane are salty, light, spicy and hot. These eliminate kapha and vatta. Its leaves are purgative, pungent, light, cool, bitter and spicy. These increase vatta. The seeds of cane are pungent, tasty, sour and dry. These also checks blood disorders.

According to Greek- Cane breaks stone and reduces swelling. Drinking its extracted water prevents bleeding.