Causes of the diseases



          There is only one reason of any disease in any person and that is congregation of toxins in the body.

           By the way, the human body has been systemized in this way that poisonous elements keep on excreting from the body themselves. But if any type of retention originates in the way through witch poisonous elements come out, these poisonous elements start to gather in the body and because of this reason a person suffer from many types of diseases. 

           The retention occurs in the working of all the parts of the body due to the congregation of these poisonous elements in the body in excessive quantity and germs start to originate in the body. However, nature keeps on excluding these elements from the body in the form of fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, catarrh, cough etc. However, when these activities are suppressed by the medicines, many dangerous diseases appear in the body after sometime.

Cause of gathering poisonous liquids in the body-

  • Lack of  balanced diet
  • Imbalance of the alkaline and acidic food
  • Having mismatched food
  • Eating spicy and excessive fried food
  • Eating more than the appetite
  • Taking excessive medicines for intoxication and treatment diseases.
  • Eating food late at night
  • Imbalance of the five important elements as sky, air, sun heat, water and soil in the body
  • Presence of depression, anger, fear and tension in the mind all the time
  • Suppression of the activity through which poisonous elements are expelled from the body by the medicines
  • Stopping the velocities of the evacuation of stool, fart, vomiting, belching, yawn, appetite, thirst, tear and sleep
  • Living in too  much polluted environment
  • Sitting at one place for a long time



       There is only one solution for curing the diseases in the world and that is- excluding poisonous elements from the body by the natural mediums.

           There is an invisible power to keep the human body healthy, which is called vital force (Jeevani shakti). It is called vital force (Pranashakti) in the spiritual languages and resistant power in allopathic language. This power saves the body from the diseases and keeps fit and fine. The person becomes healthy soon if he has good vital force.

       Natural life system increases this vital force and stops the congregation of poisonous elements in the body.

      If anyone feels that the symptoms of any disease are appearing in the body as headache, anorexia etc. diseases, he should leave the food and body and body should be cleaned from inside by adopting the anima.

        The disease does not become serious after the adoption of anima activity. If the person suffers from fever, diarrhoea, vomiting, cough and catarrh, he should not take the medicines after understanding that it is the work of nature rather keeping the fast clear the body by the nature principle according to need. By doing this, the body does not come in the contact of incurable diseases.

       If the person suffers from any dangerous disease, he should do the treatment by different types of natural equipment.

Natural equipment for the treatment-

  • Take meal on right time regularly.
  • The human body and other things of the world are made by the sky, air, fire, water and soul.
  • Good and clean life style
  • Expelling the bad thoughts from the mind
  • Taking support of different types of yogik activities