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Catechu is a tree, which is also known as the name of “Khair”. Its trees are found in forests of India. Mostly, its trees are found on the banks of rivers, which are like acacia tree (babool). Its branches are thin and jointed with 11 to 12 sticks. Its leaves are smallIntroduction: 

Catechu is a tree, which is also known as the name of “Khair”. Its trees are found in forests of India. Mostly, its trees are found on the banks of rivers, which are like acacia tree (babool). Its branches are thin and jointed with 11 to 12 sticks. Its leaves are small, which grow on branches in 30 to 50 joints. Its branches are thorny. The flowers are small and white or light yellow. Its pods are 2 to 3.5 inches long, half inch wide, bright, thin and coffee colour (Kathhai). Its each pod has 5 to 8 seeds. Bark of catechu tree is half inch thick. Its bark is black and brown from external and dark brown from internal. When stem of catechu tree is about one foot wide, it is cut to make small pieces thereafter decoction is prepared from it. Square shape is prepared from this decoction, which is called “Catechu”.

White or red (like blood color) catechu is used in betel-leaf and medicines. Specially, red catechu is prepared to coat on betel-leaf. It is not used in the medicines.

According to Ayurvedha, catechu is cool in nature and bitter, pungent and spicy in taste. It is used to cure leprosy, mouth diseases, obesity, cough, hurt, wounds, haemoptysis, hematuria, bleeding, swelling, vomiting, diarrhoea, spermatorrhoea, metrorrhagia and white leucorrhoea etc. diseases. It destroys worms and increases appetite. It is useful to cure vagina swelling, tooth problems, urinary problems and skin diseases. Taking catechu increases anorexia.

According to Greek medical science: catechu is cool in nature, so it increases vatta (gas). It contains enough quantity of pungent juice, so brushing with it makes the gums and teeth strong. It is cool in nature, so taking over quantity of catechu reduces sexual power. Taking it with betel-leaf regularly enhances sexual power. It’s over quantity generates kidney stone.

According to Scientists: After analyzing the chemical structure, it is found that catechu contains 4 to 17 percent Ketechin and 50 percent Katechutenik acid. It is dissolved easily with lukewarm water and alcohol. It prevents bleeding. It contains tannic substance, which cures fever and increases digestive power.

Name in different languages:

English              -               Catechu

Hindi                  -               Kathha

Sanskrit             -               Khdir

Marathi              -               Khair

Bengali             -               Vittkhair

Gujrati               -               Gandhilo khair

Latin                  -               Akeshiya Catechu     

Precaution: Taking over quantity of catechu may be the cause of impotency.

Dosage: 1 to 3 grams powder of 50 to 100 milliliters decoction of catechu is are used.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Throat diseases: Sucking 300 milligrams catechu powder is useful to cure hoarseness, throat irritation, gums pain and blisters. This remedy should be used 5 to 6 times in a day for some days regularly.

2. Cough:

  • Mix catechu, turmeric and sugar-candy 1 gram each together thereafter give it to the patient to suck thrice a day for some days regularly, it cures cough.
  • Grind 4 parts bark of catechu tree, 2 parts beleric myrobalan and 1 part clove together and take this mixture with honey, it cures cough. 
  • Licking about 360 to 720 milligrams catechu twice a day is useful to get relief in cough and cures dry cough too.

3. Wound between the fingers of feet: The wound occurs between the fingers of feet because of working in the water. In this case, wash wound with catechu water and apply its powder on wound, it cures wound.

4. Leprosy:

  • Mix catechu decoction with water and take bath with it regularly because it cures leprosy.
  • Make a decoction by boiling bark of catechu tree and Indian gooseberry with water thereafter mix powder of purple fleabane in it. White leprosy is cured by taking this decoction.
  • Make a decoction by boiling root, leaves, flowers, fruits and bark of catechu tree with water. This decoction should be used as bathing, taking, drinking and applying because it helps to cure all the types of leprosy.

5. Asthma: Mix equal quantity of catechu, turmeric and honey together and take 1 teaspoon this mixture 2-4 times a day. It cures asthma.

6. Hoarse epilepsy: Feeding 50 grams catechu to the hoarse regularly is useful to cure hoarse epilepsy.

7. Tiredness: The patient should take juice of catechu bark with asafoetida in the condition of tiredness.  

8. Malaria fever: In this case, grind 10 grams white catechu and 6 grams vermillion together thereafter shuffle this mixture with neem juice and make tablets equal of hoarse-bean from it. Fever does not occur again by taking one tablet before one hour of fever. This tablet should not be given to the pregnant women and children.

9. Fistula: Make a decoction by boiling bark of catechu tree and triphla with water thereafter mix buffalo ghee and babreng powder in it. The person, who has been suffering from fistula, should take this decoction.

10. Teeth grinding: Grind fine catechu and mix mustard oil in it. After that, rub this mixture on the child’s gums twice a day regularly, it ends teeth grinding.

11. Spermtorrhoea: Grind some sprouts of catechu tree and some cumin seed together and after that mix it with cow milk filter. Add sugar in this preparation and drink it twice a day, it cures spermtorrhoea.

12. Tooth problems:

  • In the diseases of throat, gums and teeth, dissolve catechu in lukewarm water and gargle with it daily because it ends all the types of disorders of the teeth.
  • Mix catechu with tooth powder and rub it on the teeth and gums twice a day daily, it ends all the types of tooth problems.

13. Tooth germs: Dissolve catechu in mustard oil and rub it on the gums twice or thrice a day, it destroys the teeth germs and prevents bleeding of the gums. It also removes offensive smell of the mouth.

14. Tooth and jaw bleeding: Gargling with decoction of catechu bark regularly prevents bleeding from the tooth and jaw. It also cures mouth blisters.

15. Prolapsus ani: Make the powder by grinding catechu and mix hot wax and ghee in it to prepare ointment. Applying this ointment on the prolapsus ani cures constipation and prolapsus ani.

16. Acidity: Give 360 to 720 milligrams catechu to the patient twice a day, it prevents sour belching.

17. Gums bleeding: Gargling with decoction of catechu prevents bleeding from the gums. The patient can gargle with decoction of catechu tree’s bark or its leaves because it also provides relief in gums diseases.

18. Mouth blisters:

  • Suck catechu and drip the saliva from the mouth, it cures mouth blisters.
  • Make the fine powder by grinding white catechu, seeds of small cardamom and cubeb 3 grams each and 1 grams ash of blue vitriol together. The chronic blisters of the mouth are also cured by applying this powder.
  • Grind catechu with water and apply on the mouth blisters with the help of a cotton piece and drip saliva from the mouth, it provides relief. This process should be used 3-4 times a day.

19. Mouth diseases:

  • Make the fine powder by grinding catechu and saltpeter 10 grams each together thereafter apply it on the affected parts twice or thrice a day because it cures the mouth sores.
  • Make the powder by grinding catechu, cubeb and small cardamom together thereafter rub it on the lips and tongue slowly. It cures tongue blisters and tongue cracked too.

20. Loose motions:

  • Using cooked catechu is useful to prevent loose motions and make digestion activity normal.
  • Mix equal quantity of catechu and beel fruit together thereafter give 1 spoon of this mixture to the patient thrice a
  • Make a decoction by boiling 20 grams bark of catechu tree with about 50 ml water and give it the patient with honey, it prevents loose motions.
  • The diarrhoea (loose motions) is cured by taking 360 to 720 milligrams catechu.

21. Excessive saliva: Make a decoction by boiling catechu fruits, pomegranate flowers and the bark of mountain ebony tree with water. Gargling with this decoction cures throat diseases and prevents excessive saliva from the mouth too.

22. Piles:

  • Gather equal quantity of white catechu, big betel-nut and blue vitriol. Now, toast betel-nut and blue vitriol on fire thereafter grind this betel-nut, blue vitriol and white catechu together to prepare the powder. Mix this powder with butter in a copper pot and prepare a paste from it. Applying this paste on the piles moles after evacuation twice a day for 8 to 10 days dries the piles moles.
  • Grind fine white catechu and orpiment together thereafter mix cow ghee in it to prepare ointment. After that, apply this paste on the moles after evacuation, it dries the moles and cures them. It also provides relief in inflammation and pain caused by piles.
  • Mix catechu, wax and opium together and apply it on the piles moles, it dries the moles.
  • Make ash by burning peels of soap-nut and grind it with white catechu to prepare the powder. After that, take 3 grams this powder with 20 grams butter or cream daily in the evening, it prevents piles bleeding.

23. Otorrhoea:

  • Clean the ears properly thereafter mix catechu in water and heat make light hot. After that, drip this preparation in the ears drop by drop. It is useful to cure otorrhoea.
  • Mix fine powder of white catechu with lukewarm water and give inject of this mixture in the ears, it cures otorrhoea.

24. Ear pain: Mix ground white catechu with lukewarm water and drip it in the ears, it provides relief in pain.

25. Sprue: This disease is cured by taking 3 to 6 grams catechu twice a day regularly.

26. Bile disorders: Grind fine 10 grams flowers of catechu tree and 3 grams dry ginger together and prepare tablets from it. After that, take one tablet with fresh milk of cow thrice a day regularly. It is useful to end bile disorders.

27. Fistula: Make the fine powder by grinding catechu juice, babreng, myrobalan, beleric myrobalan, Indian gooseberry 10 grams each and 20 grams long pepper together. After that, lick 3 grams this powder with honey and sesame oil (sweet oil), it cures fistula and nerves sores too.

28. Sinus (Chronic wound): Grind dwarf cherry and catechu with water thereafter coat it on the affected parts, it cures sinus (chronic wound) quick.

29. Wound:

  • Mix pure ghee with white catechu and apply it on the affected parts to cure wound.
  • Mix catechu in water and make light. Wash the affected with this water sprinkle catechu powder on it. Using this process wound and also prevents bleeding from the wound.
  • Apply ground catechu on the affected parts. It is useful to prevent bleeding quickly too.

30. Breast wound or sore: Mix catechu with camphor and apply it on the affected parts, it cures wound or sores of the breast.

31. Vagina contraction: Make the powder by grinding catechu, myrobalan, nutmeg, neem leaves and betel-nut together thereafter mix it in juice of kidney bean. After that, wet a cloth in this preparation and dry it then put this cloth in the vagina. It prevents water from vagina consequently, the vagina shrinks.

32. Inflammation and itching of the vagina: Grind catechu, babreng and turmeric 5 grams each with water thereafter apply it on the vagina; it ends inflammation and itching of the vagina.

33. Syphilis:

  • Mix catechu and pure ghee 5 grams each together and rub it on the penis to cure syphilis disorders.
  • Make a decoction by boiling 10 grams bark of catechu tree and 10 grams bark of Indian kino tree with 500 ml water until it remains 100 ml water then put it down and mix 3 grams triphala powder in this decoction. After that, give this preparation to the patient twice a day, it cures syphilis disorders.
  • Mix catechu, camphor and vermillion together to prepare ointment thereafter apply it on the penis because it cures blisters due to syphilis.

34. Head boil:

  • Grind white catechu, ruddle and gall-nut together and after that apply on the affected parts, it cures head boils.
  • Mix catechu, vermillion, kamala and camphor about 10 grams each with ghee and shuffle it with the helps of sticks of neem tree. Applying this paste on boils and pimples provides relief.

35. Children diseases: Grind fine white catechu and filter it with the help of cloth. Mix this powder with lukewarm water and inject it in the ear. After that, wash the ear and make clean. Using this process is useful to cure deafness. It is also useful in the condition of deafness caused by wounds, chicken pox or other reasons.

36. Leucorrhoea:

  • Make the powder by grinding 10 grams white catechu, 10 grams pomegranate seeds and 15 grams liqourica together. After that, give 5 grams this powder to the suffered woman with fresh water twice a day, it cures leucorrhoea.
  • Grind equal quantity of catechu leaves and acacia tree leaves together. The woman, who has been suffering from leucorrhoea, should take 6 grams this preparation with honey because it provides relief.