In case of catarrh, mucus goes on blowing from nose and throat. Mostly, the symptom of nose blowing is found. But, sometimes catarrh can be dry too in which the nose is blocked.


It is occurred due to flu, exposed to cold, wetting in water, nose allergy or when infection or itching occurs on the internal layer of nose. In additions to it, burning or itching sensation due to gas, fire caused by oil or chemical presents in air can become also the reason of catarrh. In few cases, catarrh is also occurred by allergy due to taking medicines.


In the symptoms of catarrh, white and watery secretion (mucus) goes on coming out from the nose frequently, but when dry catarrh occurs, the nose is blocked and mucus persists inside it that causes difficulty in breathing.


The things that are responsible for allergy or troubles should be kept away from you and should not go in dusty environment.

Giving pressure on the acupoints as shown in figure is beneficial in this disease.