Castus Root



Colour: Castus root is white and light yellow.

Taste: It is bitter and sweet in taste.

Structure: It is a type of root. There are two kinds of it as- bitter and sweet.

Nature: It is hot in nature.

Precautions: Taking excessive quantity of castus root is harmful for the lungs.

Removing side effects: Anisson and Gulakanda remove all the side effects of castus root.

Compare: Castus root can be compared with pyllitory root.

Quantity: Sweet costus root is taken in quantity of 720 milligrams. Bitter costus root is poisonous, so it is used as paste. By taking bitter castus root the body is affected by poison. 

Quality: Paste of bitter costus root is used to end swelling and joints pain caused by cold.

Take sweet costus root to enhance sperm count and face glow. It makes the brain and liver strong. It cures paralysis, urinary problems and menstrual excretion disorders. It kills stomach worms and makes menses normal. 

Useful in different diseases:

1.Toothache: Make tooth powder by grinding the bark of castus root, alkali, cassis, nutmeg and pure asafetida together. Brushing with this powder regularly ends toothache and gums swelling. It also prevents bleeding from the teeth.

2.Gas trouble: Make the powder by grinding 80 grams costus root, 70 grams lead wort, 60 grams myrobalan peel, 50 grams caraway, 40 grams dry ginger, 30 grams small pepper, 20 grams orris root and 10 grams toasted asafetida together. After that, take 5 grams this powder with lukewarm water on empty stomach in the morning regularly to eliminate gas trouble.

3. Stomach wound: Grind castus root with rosewater and coat it on the stomach, it cures stomach wound. It is also used to end swelling of the hands and feet.

4.Offensive smell of the diabetes patient: Mix saffron with bitter costus root and rub it on the body of diabetes patient, it reduces offensive smell of the body.

5. White spots: Grind equal quantity of costus root, fetid cassia, babreng and mustard together thereafter mix rock salt and some sesame oil it. After that, apply this mixture on the skin to cure white spots.

For reading tips click below links     Castus root (Kuth*) is useful in different diseases:
1.     Swelling:


    Mix castus root with rosewater and coat it on the affected part; it ends the swelling of the hands, feet and stomach.
    2.     Malaria:


      This disease is cured within some days by taking 180 to 240 milligrams costus root with ghee and honey twice a day.
      3.     Premature graying:

      Premature graying:

        Grind costus root and soak it in water for about 24 hours. After that, wash hair with this water to reduce premature graying.
        4.     Hiccup:


          Smoking with costus root and resin prevents frequent hiccup.
          5.     Mouth diseases:

          Mouth diseases:

            Make the powder by grinding costus root, pepper, dry ginger, long pepper and orrisroot together thereafter mix honey in it. After that, apply it on cracked mouth and mouth sores to cure them.
            6.     Beriberi:


              Grind castus root with rosewater and apply it on the affected part. It is useful to cure beriberi. It is also used in the case of swelling of the hands and feet.
              7. Dropsy:


                • Take castus root with cardamom twice a day to bring out blocked water from the stomach with urine. It improves digestive system and ends heart disability too.
                • Grind castus root with rosewater and coat it on the hands, feet and stomach, because it helps to cure dropsy.
                8. Obesity (fatness):

                Obesity (fatness):

                  Grind castus root with rosewater and coat it on the stomach because it provides relief in obesity. It also reduces swelling of the hands and feet.
                  9. Puerperal fever (Sutika):

                  Puerperal fever (Sutika):

                    Mix castus root, daodar and gum guggul with ghee. After that, give this mixture to the suffered woman to cure puerperal fever.
                    10. Arthritis:


                      Take 5 grams powder of costus root with castor oil regularly to end swelling and pain that is caused by arthritis within some days.
                      11. Eczema, scabies and itching:

                      Eczema, scabies and itching:

                        Mix butter with powder of costus root and apply it on the affected part, it cures eczema, scabies and itching within some weeks.
                        12. Cholera:


                          Grind bitter costus root and rock salt with sesame oil and vinegar thereafter make it warm. After that, apply this mixture on the hands and feet of patient to cure cholera.
                          13. Leprosy:


                            Grind costus root and coriander 20 grams each together thereafter apply it on the affected parts to cure wounds of leprosy.
                            14. Head ringworm:

                            Head ringworm:

                              Toast costus root in a soil pot and prepare powder from it. Filter this powder with the help of a cloth and mix oil in it. After that, apply this mixture on the head to cure boils, pimples and ringworms of the head.
                              15. Anemia (Blood deficiency):

                              Anemia (Blood deficiency):

                                The patient should take 240 to 1800 milligrams powder of costus root with ghee or honey twice a day because it enhances blood amount.
                                16. Headache:


                                  • Grind castus root and castor root with vinegar (kanji) and coat it on the head, it ends headache.
                                  • Grind castus root with rosewater and apply it on forehead to end headache.
                                  17. Asthma:


                                    Asthma is cured by taking 5 grams powder of costus root with ghee, honey and neem decoction.