Cassia Flower



Name in Different Languages:

English      :       The cassia flower

Hindi         :       Arimed, Durgendh Khair, Bailayti Keekar

Sanskrit     :       Erimed, Vitkhadir, Kalskand, Arimedak

Marathi      :       Heevar, Gandh Heevar, Sheshyakhair

Bengali      :      Guyebawla, Bittkhair

Gujarati     :       Taakvavar, Chheribar, Janmabal

Latin         :        Acacia Farnesiana


        Cassia flower is pungent and bitter in taste, hot in nature and heavy in digestive. It ends bad effects of ghosts (Black magic). It is useful for the treatment of mouth problems, teeth diseases, blood disorders, vagina diseases, diarrhoea, typhoid, swelling, itching, etc. It alleviates poisoning and cures cough, white leprosy, erysipelas and wounds. It destroys the stomach worms and brings out phlegm. Its bark also has all above qualities.